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Last Friday I took the day off to spend time with my aunt and uncle visiting from California, and that morning was one of the highlights of the weekend when the Supreme Court issued a ruling declaring same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

We were able to take part in the celebration firsthand when we stopped by on our way home from one of the Smithsonian museums. I was overwhelmed with all of the (positive) emotions – love, joy, pride, etc. – and got choked up more than once while we weaved in and out of the crowds, exchanging high-fives and smiles with the many others who had also gathered. It’s funny how emotions can express themselves in a way that is opposite of what we would expect. Ever wonder why that happens?


Love is Love

Why you might smile when you’re sad or cry when you’re happy LINK Continue reading

A Guide to DC | Best Places to Eat, Drink and See

You guys, no joke, I started this post last August. And I’m just now publishing it. To be honest,  I was just too lazy to add in pictures and links for the many great places in this wonderful city. I love living in DC, and over the years I have developed a list of sorts to help guide friends and family who have visited.  After passing it on to my boss’ friend’s daughter, someone I don’t even know, I decided I should post about it here and share the wealth with all of you! So without further ado … Continue reading

tuesday things

My thoughts lately, according to Pinterest.

1. This looks amazing. And oh-so-bad for you. Who’s wants to try it with me??

2. Two of my favorite foods – Mexican and pizza. This is definitely on my list of recipes to try.

3. I wish Dave drank coffee so we could use these mugs together. It would be even better if he ate fried eggs. Or bacon. (Blasphemy!)

4. Check out these social media tips. Some I knew and others were life changing.

5. This pin doesn’t actually take me to these pants, and now I am on a mission to find them. (Please leave any suggestions in the comments section below!)

6. Have you heard of this app called Kitestring? Or something else like it? I think they are such a great idea, even though I’m not usually walking around after dark by myself anymore. I definitely used to though. I was even dumb enough to walk down the alleys behind my last two apartments! (I know, dumb does not even fully encompass how terrible that was.) So tell me, have you ever used an app like this? If so, what are your thoughts?

7. Finally, I leave you with a wonderful piece of advice on how to live life. Just be happy!

Dry Creek Valley Passport Weekend 2013

Dry Creek Valley Passport Weekend 2013

Have a fabulous week, friends!!