tuesday things

1. For months I have wanted to try out this produce delivery service called Washington’s Green Grocer. It’s an on-demand service offering delivery of various produce boxes and other goods once a week. After talking it through with my BFFSM Olivia, I selected the local produce box for delivery every other week and she picked the large mixed box using the on-demand option. My first box came and I was so excited!! I will definitely keep this up and will likely take it to the next level and go weekly – it’s affordable and also forces me to use new foods when cooking,  like celeriac. I’d never even heard of it! It’s also a great way to support local farmers and make an effort to have a lower impact on the environment since the produce is not being shipped from all over the world. 

2. Speaking of food, DC always has new restaurants popping up and I love to try them out. Recently Bidwell opened in Union Market, Lincoln in NW DC and The Arsenal at Bluejacket Brewery near the Nats stadium. All had delicious food (as Dave says, “Someone is paying attention here.”) but the absolute best service was at The Arsenal, and Lincoln definitely won the award for atmosphere/theme.

photo 1


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#beerflight before dinner with @layne1020

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^^My first beer flight – The Arsenal at Bluejacket^^

3. My freshman roommate Erin visited last weekend and we had a blast! Food and drink plans mostly dominated our agenda for the weekend, but one activity that didn’t fit that mold was a trip to the U.S. Botanic Garden. I’d never been and it was a treat!

photo 2

pretty pretty

4. We also spent an afternoon in Georgetown picking up some essentials like this shirt, this lip gloss in deep rose and a card from Paper Source for my three year anniversary with Dave. Yes, it’s been three years TODAY! Hard to believe because when I think of all our memories it seems like so much longer and yet these years have really f-l-o-w-n by.

5. This is totally random, which I guess fits with the theme for today’s “things” … I don’t know about you guys, but I would really love the option to mass edit my pins on Pinterest. When I first started using it I arranged things in a pretty general way, and now some of my boards (like the ones for food and home) have really outgrown those broad categories because there are just way too many pins! I need to organize my boards into more specific themes like meal planing and desserts or living room and laundry room. It would be so much easier to select a group of pins and move them all at once rather than having to edit each pin individually. Help a sister out and VOTE for Pinterest to add this feature by going to this link and simply clicking the “me too!” button.

That’s all for today folks! If you tuned in yesterday, you’ll know that I plan to post more before and after pictures of the house soon – as in sometime this week. Come back for more!

tuesday things: over thinking it (all)

Lately I haven’t been writing because we’ve been busy with the reno, traveling, crossfit and everything else! Usually I can make just a little time, but instead, I’ve been using all my free time to over think every single purchase for the new house. Dave and I are not the best decision makers – he says that it’s because he makes decisions all day at work, and I have many reasons including wanting to find the best deal, fear that there is something better out there and frankly, just too many options in general.

So today I’m sharing five things over which I have been agonizing lately, since it’s almost over! (I actually made one of the “final” decisions today when I woke up and saw an email from my mom saying she loves the couch I plan to buy!)

1. Dishwashers. They apparently should be below a certain decibel in order to be sufficient. Then you have to decide, do you want the silverware tray on the door, on the top or on the bottom? This brand is the “top seller” so it’s naturally the most expensive, but let’s keep in mind that it doesn’t have the capacity to heat the water, so you have to hook up a hot water line. Oh, and it also doesn’t have a food disposer so you have to clean everything off before you put it in. Isn’t that the point of having a dishwasher? How did that become the best seller? Needless to say, we did not go with that brand. I finally made a decision after Dave said, “just pick one,” and then days later said, “I would have picked the other one.” Fun times.

2. Toilets. This one came as a surprise to me. I always thought that there were five or six options and the difference mostly had to do with color. What a misconception … there are hundreds!! People, why on earth are there so many options for this? A friend told me that even though she spends a lot of time there, she’s never “noticed a good one.” To me, buying a toilet is the epitome of American greed. We’ve taken something so simple and ensured that every little nuance a person could expect or desire is available for purchase. I was sure that everyone would agree the selection is ridiculous, until my dad said this weekend, “I should have told you about this toilet I bought for the lake house. It’s the best toilet there is! You see, it’s all about the shape of the toilet that makes a difference whether it gets clogged.” I honestly can’t imagine the difference is that drastic.

3. Paint. I fully expected this to be a process. I mean, there are millions of colors out there and a noticeable difference in each shade, so it’s easy to get hung up on this one. My best friend Carin knows someone who painted her living room something like 15 shades of gray (oddly close to the book reference) because she couldn’t get it quite right. Apparently gray dries so differently than the paint chip that it’s difficult to get right, which is great for us since the entire house is gray!! (Reno updates to come soon so you can see for yourselves, I promise.)

4. Faucets. Shiny silver or brushed nickel? That’s an easy one for me because 95% of the time I will go with the nickel because I prefer a matte finish on metals. But now there is also the rubbed bronze option. And I discovered that I have a preference between one knob or two handles. (Actually throughout this process, I discovered a lot of preferences I never knew I had!) Should you opt for two handles, do you want them to be slightly curved or more straight? Do you want a high arch or a smaller one? It goes on …

5. Couches. This has killed me. I will never get back the many countless hours of my life that I spent looking for a couch. The problem here is that I know what I want, but haven’t been able to find the full package – the right price, size, shape, style, color and fabric. Not to mention Dave and I both have to like it. We decided on a couch from Macy’s, but then Judy informed us that the fabric was unacceptable. Looking back at it last night in the store I totally got it. She was right. So after going to four different stores and eating a lovely healthy dinner in the food court of a dying mall, I came home to scour the web for something, fully resigning myself to the fact that it would likely be a 6-8 week wait. Looking back at my home Pinterest board, I actually rediscovered a couch I’d seen a while back (picture below). As I said before, Judy gave it her stamp of approval. Her email this morning pushed me to the point of feeling nearly complete…. although I know it’s just a false sense of accomplishment from selecting this one item. I’ve been here before. Some other decision will come along, and I’ll be right back where I was with this, carefully calculating each possible option multiple times. (Now it’s on to accent chairs.)

Rowe Furniture Abbott Sofa

the couch we FINALLY picked

Happy Tuesday everyone!

What are the things you over think when decorating or moving into a new home?

Of House and Home: One More Week!!

I don’t have much to report, but have to share my excitement – we are set to close on the house in just one week!! We’ve passed the inspection and appraisal hurdles. Dave has jumped through the multitude of never-ending financial paperwork hoops, basically signing away his first-born child. But at this point, there finally appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

It really can’t come soon enough, as last night I was seriously missing my old Capitol Hill neighborhood and the many nearby friends that were always ready to grab a last minute beer or stop by for a glass of wine.

Let’s just hope that light is not a train…

The light at the end of the tunnel may be an oncoming train.

source: memequotes.com

Since the last post I’ve continued my Pinterest addiction, but we also met with contractors to get estimates on the work we want to do, as well as the work we need to do per the inspection report. The numbers have been digestible so far, and I am hopeful that we’ll be able to complete it all before we move in the first weekend of November. (Of course, that being said, I probably just jinxed us .) This week I also set up our utilities, which was oddly the one step that has made the house seem most like a reality.

As exciting as it is, it’s all a little overwhelming. There is so much to do and I must be forgetting something. A while back, I found this helpful checklist for changing your address and definitely plan to use it as a way to organize my to-dos.

Do you have any tips on moving into a new home?

Please leave a reply below!