A Moveable Feast

When I first started this blog, I was preparing for a trip to France shortly after my college graduation. I was quite the lost little soul, having had a trying previous year, unsure of my next steps. I feel much more settled now.

Since then I have had several interesting jobs, new homes in different cities and some truly fantastic experiences.

This past week I’ve been contemplating the meaning of Easter and how it applies to life, but not necessarily in the religious sense.

Hope. Love. Joy. Rebirth.

I am extremely fortunate to have all of these in my life, unconditionally through friends and family. Although I’m very much the same person I have always been, this new sense of peace that has come over the last couple of years gives me a feeling of rebirth. Life definitely throws some curve balls, and there are bumps in the road, but if you’re open to the idea of renewal, you can use those moments to better yourself and better appreciate life. Hopefully everyone can take this day to reflect on how they’ve been given an opportunity for rebirth.

As I’ve been thinking about my own rebirth, I decided that I need to slightly tweak the name of this blog. Before it was titled “aventures de je ne sais pas quoi,” which loosely translates to “adventures of I do not know what.” As I said before, when I started writing, I was lost and confused.

Even though there are still unknowns on the path to my future, I do at least feel like I’m on a path now, instead of at a point where I have to choose between the yellow or red brick roads. (I still wonder where the red brick road leads… ) For this reason and in the spirit of Easter, I have decided to give my blog a little renewal itself with the new title¬† “aventures de la vie,” or “adventures of life” and a new visual theme.

Easter is a moveable feast in the sense that its spot on the calendar changes from year to year. In a different sense, Earnest Hemingway talked about Paris as a moveable feast, a place that stays with you as you travel.  (Impossible to believe I have yet to read A Moveable Feast, but you can bet your chocolate bunny that it is on my Kindle wishlist.) Obviously this is an idea with which I can relate Рnote the subhead of my blog and my slight obsession with Paris.

There are places you leave. And places that never leave you.

Life (not just Paris or Easter) is a moveable feast, with people, places, memories that come and go. They mold and shape who we are. I am blessed that life has fashioned me into the person I am, filled with hope, joy and love through rebirth.

Happy Easter!