Whole30 Caprese Salad

If you’re like me then you love a good caprese salad, especially in the summer. It’s easy (read: no cooking). It’s fresh. And it’s healthy! Since finishing the Whole30 though, I rarely eat cheese*.

What’s a caprese salad without mozzarella? That was my mentality until one day I had several tomatoes that were nearing their end and a giant tub of basil. Dave was grilling and I didn’t feel like cooking, but we needed a side. Enter the whole30fied caprese! Continue reading

Of House and Home: First of Many

Our lineup for this weekend was much shorter than usual – only about five houses – but we felt really good about each of the properties. Ironically the one house we ended up loving was not on our original list and we barely even liked any of the houses that were. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it can also be extremely deceiving. The state of some of these houses amazed me, and not in a good way.

I was actually sad looking at the way some people live, with clutter and filth everywhere, and you know it’s a really bad situation when you go into a basement and your agent says, “Don’t touch anything. There’s black mold everywhere.” We quickly made it through each of the houses and then stopped for a late lunch at one of H Street’s classic haunts, Granville Moore’s. This was Dave’s first visit, so we had to have the moules and crispy frites with delicious dipping sauces.

After lunch, I was packing up my apartment and stopped at one point to realize that my kitchen looked atrocious, but even that was nowhere near as bad as some of the houses we had seen – and those people lived like that all the time! I knew at that moment that I had to snap a pic, to give you just the slightest indication.

my kitchen in the packing process

my kitchen during the packing process

On a happier note, while I was packing, Dave was working with agent M to put an offer together! (We did it, we actually put an offer on a house!) This property really met most of the items on our wish list (and then some), and it is in the neighborhood we want. It’s been on the market a while (which basically means longer than one week, since houses move so quickly in the District), so the price was recently lowered. It was our first showing on Saturday, and I knew then that we’d likely make a move.

After reviewing other houses sold recently in the area (“the comps”), we were convinced that the property was still overpriced, even at the reduced figure, so we decided to come in under asking. Our agent was strategic though to put in certain contingencies that would make our offer more appealing. After some back and forth, the seller ultimately did not accept our offer, which was disappointing, especially since I spent all day pinning ideas to my “Feels Like Home” board on Pinterest.

We treated ourselves to Mexican food at Uncle Julio’s, drowning our sorrows with margaritas and melted cheese, but are ready to keep moving forward with the search, knowing that there are some great properties coming on the market soon. In fact, our toast was “to the next house.”

margaritas, tamales and cheese enchiladas (emphasis on CHEESE!)

margaritas, tamales and cheese enchiladas
(emphasis on CHEESE!)

So this was our first of what will likely be many offers, but I haven’t lost faith yet – if anything this experience has strengthened it in some odd way – and am confident I can translate my pinning efforts to another home soon enough!