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Woah, March! I can’t believe we are 11 days in and I haven’t written a single word. Last week was a busy one at work, and I’ve traveled the last two weekends, so I have not been able to make the time. There have been plenty of thoughts though, so away we go …

Naturally I was excited to flip the page on my calendar. February was a wonderful month about loving others, but the message for March is to love what we do – or rather, do what we love. This has been a struggle for me, as I have now had four jobs and am still trying to figure out how to balance work and life so that I am happy and balanced. For those who know the secret to this conundrum, please advise.


Since it is March and I am so beyond over this winter, I have decided to boycott my boots. I hate them and want to throw them in the trash at this point. It is so bad, that I wore flip flops on Sunday because they were the only other shoes I brought with me out of town! Yesterday it was supposed to actually warm up a bit, so I wore my flats. Then I saw a terrifying thing – my pale ghost-like legs. (Do ghosts even have legs? I mean, Casper just floated around like a blob, but real ghosts are more like people, I would think, and therefore would have legs.) I digress.

scary white legs!!

After being frightened at the sight of my own skin, I decided that I needed to jazz up my footwear a bit. I have been coveting these leopard shoes from a blogger that I follow, yet couldn’t justify the price when I wasn’t sure how often I would realistically wear them. Well yesterday I was in luck, because I found a great pair for $23 at Macy’s. Score! I wore them today and no longer felt bad about my legs. (Or as my mother would say, “these shoes look so cute on my feet!”)


cute shoes = less concern about scary white legs

Finally, I have some big news to share. We are going to Europe!! A few weekends ago Dave and I booked a trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. He’s never been across the pond, so that makes it all the more exciting. I am well-prepared with my usual travel books – those who have followed since the beginning of time know that I adore Rick Steves – but nothing can compare to first-hand experience from friends. So if you’ve been I want to hear from you.

What did you like?
What didn’t you like?
Where should we eat or drink?
What random tips do you have?
Ready? Go!


Vacation Fever

Wow – I can’t believe it’s been over a month! After my last post, work picked up quite a bit with sequestration issues, and we’ve even done some traveling since then as well (I promise to post about the trips later).

Our most recent vacation to Mexico has caused D to come down with a severe case of vacation fever. WARNING: Unless properly treated, it can be dangerous to your time when only in the research phase and your wallet once fever becomes extreme and you’re in the actual vacation phase. About 24 hours after our return to the States, Dave texts me with,”I’m planning our next vaca…”

Uh-oh. I knew that meant he would spend his few days in Pennsylvania – intended for quiet relaxation – researching flights and surfing resort pictures on TripAdvisor until his fever reached unprecedented extremes. Unfortunately since I just started a new job, I don’t have as much time off or the clout to be out of the office for extended periods of time.

But I have the fever too. In fact, I have always had the fever, as you can tell from my Pinterest travel board and past posts/entire premise for starting the blog to begin with.  I think my love for travel stems from my love for food and wine, among a general interest in peoples and cultures. I imagine those reasons are what inspires most people though, right?

Our travel to-do list overfloweth at this point, but we still don’t know when the next trip will be possible. D wants to go back to “the cabin” for the Fourth of July, which is a definite option depending on whether I get Friday off from work. There is always talk of another beach trip and Europe is undoubtedly in our future – although the exact destination is a contentious continuous point of discussion.

You can look forward to posts on our recent trips (and even other trips from the past two years), but in the meantime, I want advice from your travels! What places should be on our list? When is the best time to visit and what other tips can you share on food, activities and places to stay?