tuesday things – five fall faves

Fall is 100% without a doubt my favorite time of year!  We’ve been lucky here in D.C. to have some early fall-like weather (despite the 90’s we’re supposed to reach this week) and the Pumpkin Spice latte came out early, so I am a happy girl! Here’s just a quick post to list some of my favorite things about the greatest season…

1. The start of football I love my Aggies and my Cowboys … especially when they both win, like this past weekend.

^^ Daisy loves the Aggies too! ^^

2. PSL – I already mentioned that I was happy the Pumpkin Spice latte came early. It is one my my favorite treats for fall! (I rarely let myself buy from Starbucks – or any coffee shop – since we have free coffee in my office.) Hard to believe she’s already ten – they grow so fast! #PSL10

3. Foliage – One of the biggest pros to living up here are the bursts of crimson, burgundy, pumpkin, mustard and bronze that come out during fall in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Last night I picked up some lovely fall-colored flowers at the grocery store to start the season early in our apartment :)

4. Holidays – Fall has the best holiday line up by far (Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving) and they all lead to Christmas which is my number one fave holiday! Speaking of Halloween, anyone have good costume ideas??

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Siblings on Christmas :) #InstaEffectFX

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^^ my brother and me at Christmas last year ^^

5. Fall food and drink – Think soups and stews, anything pumpkin, apple baked goodies, and warm drinks like cider, hot cocoa and mulled wine. Yum!! I had my first pumpkin beer of the season on Sunday night while Dave and I discussed the houses we’d seen that day – Of House and Home update coming later this week!

pumpkin beer from real pumpkin puree

pumpkin beer from real pumpkin puree

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Pie is finished, time for bed. Merry Christmas!!

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^^ my homemade pumpkin pie from last year’s Thanksgiving ^^

What do you love about fall?
Or do you have a different favorite season?

makin’ babies… and touchdowns!

If Steve Martin…

steve martin

and Billy Bob Thornton…

billy bob

had a child together, it would look like…

mike smith

Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith!

The Cowboys played a great game yesterday, including Tony Romo. Kathy said that when he got hit in the head at the beginning of the game, it must have knocked some sense into him!  By no means will I stand up to agree with Jerry that we will be taking the Cowboys to the Superbowl with Romo, but I can at least see the light again. Of course, he had a little help from my (boy)friend, Miles Austin, who shined once again. In other good sports news, my Aggies BTHO Tech on Saturday night – we are always good for a surprise win! Maybe it has to do with the fact that the game wasn’t televised, because like the Jessica Simpson-era Tony Romo, the Aggies crack under pressure.

Can football season go to being year-round? What will my weekends consist of when the season is over??