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I’m all Christmas, all the time now. (Sorry, not sorry) For those who haven’t seen this or for any Scrooges out there who need an attitude check, watch this!

Tuesday [Christmas] Things

  1. The real way to wrap presents – this will need practice LINK
  2. America’s Best Christmas Markets LINK
  3. 8 Great Places [in DC] to Drink by the Fire LINK
  4. The origin of ‘Xmas’ LINK
  5. Made with Code – an awesome way for young girls across the country to practice code and use it to light up trees around the National Christmas Tree in DC LINK

PS – Happy Birthday to my bestie, Carin!!

Carin and Me twirling at her wedding

Carin and Me twirling at her wedding

tuesday things

Happy Tuesday! Here are some things I have come across and saved for your reading/viewing pleasure. Because…

1. I did not sleep well Sunday night. At all. Then yesterday I came across this. Maybe I should change up my bedtime routine! (How to Spend the Last Ten Minutes of Your Day)

2. If you like pumpkin – and I think you do – and you like yogurt, you should try this if you have not already. Not too sweet, not too pumpkiny. Just right!

pumpkin spice yogurt

pumpkin spice yogurt

3. Last weekend I went to Robley’s baby shower and it was beautiful! I enjoyed visiting with my Zeta sisters, eating the yummy food and watching Robley open gifts for baby Charlie. Can’t wait to meet him! Speaking of baby showers, have you seen this one? Unbelievable. (Blake Lively Documents Autumnal Themed Baby Shower for Preserve) Also since I missed Emily’s baby shower in August, I spent some quality time with her and the new family addition, Nathan, over the weekend. He’s a super cuddly cutie and Emily is such a great mom!

Baby Nathan

Baby Nathan

4. These have all been going around Facebook, but Gilmore Girls may be my second favorite tv show ever, second only to the West Wing. (12 Things You Never Knew About Gilmore Girls)

5. We are all thinking about next week and planning our menus. (If you don’t know what that means, look at the calendar.) It’s hard to believe that we are so close to the greatest food day of the year! (The 10 Commandments of a Perfect Pie Crust)

my first pie - pumpkin!

pumpkin pie

6. While I can still hardly adjust to the fact that it is time for Thanksgiving, others are already setting out the Christmas and winter decor. This is not a complaint. It simply brought about the realization that I was late for my usual start of playing holiday music, which I quickly began listening to last week after my trip to Wegman’s.

Wegman's holiday decor

Wegman’s holiday decor

7. Tomorrow is #WineWednesday and I will finally be sharing the recap from my 30th birthday celebration. Hint: a lot of wine was consumed. (21 Best Wine Bars in the Country)

And for a sneak peak of what to expect from said birthday recap …

dancing the night away

dancing the night away

tuesday things

1. I think winter is finally over!! We had a brush with the old man on Sunday when it snowed a bit more. Luckily it didn’t stick. In D.C., Spring = cherry blossom season, and I was fully prepared to begin the celebration.

2. Dave and I normally exchange our presents after Christmas since we both go home to our families. Last year we did it at the cabin, and this year we were in our new home. It was fun to wake up on New Year’s Eve and open up by our tree. When I opened my gift, I found this inside …


I thought, “Does he think I need to walk Daisy more often?” So I stared at it for a second until I realized the leash belonged to a pup yet to come! I’ve bugged Dave for years about wanting my own dog. I love Daisy, but she is 110% his. My wish was finally coming true! I started the search immediately, and only recently found a pup that was just right. Her name is Jackie and she’s been with us for a little over two weeks now. She’s a quirky dog, but so sweet and cuddly. We are still learning about each other, but I am so happy that we have her as part of our family now!

3. As I mentioned, the weather last weekend was not the least bit inviting. I spent most of the weekend on the couch reading The Hunger Games. I know I’m a little late to that party, but can honestly say that the books are. so. good. I started the first last week sometime and am almost done with the third already. Next up, the movies!

That’s all for today, y’all. I leave you with April’s calendar page, which makes me smile thinking of my wonderful friends – we all take turns being the hugger or the huggee, and we always have snacks (and wine)!



What are your favorite things about Spring?
What books have you read lately?