october fun

fall is coming to a close and i’ve hardly written about the season’s events…

the week after i visited chicago, my best friend emily came in town for her birthday. she experienced life in my cozy apartment and even slept on the bunk-beds! on emily’s actual birthday we had dinner with her parents, who were in town for their anniversary. we then went for drinks on our own before heading back to bayonne.

that next weekend i went to college station for a reunion with my pledge class. our goal was to act like we were 21 again… our bodies did not necessarily agree. the first night out i managed to lose my purse – cash, credit cards, id, phone, and lip gloss! luckily i got it back, but not until 24 hours later! we didn’t make it to the game but held down the tailgate fort like no other! it was so nice getting to see everyone. even three out of four of us out-of-staters were able to make it!

the next big thing was halloween, which was fun and festive with many homes and businesses going all out with decorations. apparently that’s the norm up here, but it was a first for me! don’t get me wrong, we decorate in texas but definitely not to the extent of people up here. we carved pumpkins and decorated the apartment as much as we could.

our little airline community had a party here in bayonne. our new roommate tim had just moved in and maritza’s sister came in town… add william to the mix (since he was at our apartment most of the weekend even though he lives across the street) and we had a full house! maritza and i dressed as ladybugs and her sister dressed as a cat.

after recovering, we spent the next afternoon in central park admiring the changing leaves and fall scents. we ate dinner near times square at a little italian place we found back in june on our first night in the city together – bella vita. they have the best garlic knots i’ve ever had and a great selection of pastas, salads, and pizza.