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1. For months I have wanted to try out this produce delivery service called Washington’s Green Grocer. It’s an on-demand service offering delivery of various produce boxes and other goods once a week. After talking it through with my BFFSM Olivia, I selected the local produce box for delivery every other week and she picked the large mixed box using the on-demand option. My first box came and I was so excited!! I will definitely keep this up and will likely take it to the next level and go weekly – it’s affordable and also forces me to use new foods when cooking,  like celeriac. I’d never even heard of it! It’s also a great way to support local farmers and make an effort to have a lower impact on the environment since the produce is not being shipped from all over the world. 

2. Speaking of food, DC always has new restaurants popping up and I love to try them out. Recently Bidwell opened in Union Market, Lincoln in NW DC and The Arsenal at Bluejacket Brewery near the Nats stadium. All had delicious food (as Dave says, “Someone is paying attention here.”) but the absolute best service was at The Arsenal, and Lincoln definitely won the award for atmosphere/theme.

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#beerflight before dinner with @layne1020

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^^My first beer flight – The Arsenal at Bluejacket^^

3. My freshman roommate Erin visited last weekend and we had a blast! Food and drink plans mostly dominated our agenda for the weekend, but one activity that didn’t fit that mold was a trip to the U.S. Botanic Garden. I’d never been and it was a treat!

photo 2

pretty pretty

4. We also spent an afternoon in Georgetown picking up some essentials like this shirt, this lip gloss in deep rose and a card from Paper Source for my three year anniversary with Dave. Yes, it’s been three years TODAY! Hard to believe because when I think of all our memories it seems like so much longer and yet these years have really f-l-o-w-n by.

5. This is totally random, which I guess fits with the theme for today’s “things” … I don’t know about you guys, but I would really love the option to mass edit my pins on Pinterest. When I first started using it I arranged things in a pretty general way, and now some of my boards (like the ones for food and home) have really outgrown those broad categories because there are just way too many pins! I need to organize my boards into more specific themes like meal planing and desserts or living room and laundry room. It would be so much easier to select a group of pins and move them all at once rather than having to edit each pin individually. Help a sister out and VOTE for Pinterest to add this feature by going to this link and simply clicking the “me too!” button.

That’s all for today folks! If you tuned in yesterday, you’ll know that I plan to post more before and after pictures of the house soon – as in sometime this week. Come back for more!

Of House and Home: Closing Day

All morning I was so nervous. I could barely eat or sit still. I’m honestly not even sure that I slept the night before. Dave found it endearing considering he was the one technically buying the house. He wasn’t nervous at all. But I figured that even though my name wasn’t on those papers, I was just as almost in it as much as he was!

I went to work in the morning and treated myself to a PSL to kick off the day of celebration. When Dave picked me up around 12:30, I still hadn’t eaten anything (again, too nervous) so I dropped a granola bar in my bag and picked up a little cheese and fruit snack tray from Starbucks.

The entire ride to the house I kept Dave entertained with my breathing exercises while I tried to soothe the anxiety. We did a walk through to make sure everything was in good condition and then went to the title company to sign all the papers. It went by pretty quickly, and before we knew it, keys were in hand!


he’s a homeowner!

After the paperwork and formalities, we went back to the house for a celebratory bottle of champagne with Marc. I finally lost the nervousness, and realized how hungry I was! Luckily we had a dinner reservation at Blue Duck Tavern in Georgetown. The girls have always talked it up as one of their favorite restaurants, so as soon as we picked the closing date I made a reservation.

Sitting down at the table, we were given a card by the waiter and the manager came over to speak with us – my dad called ahead to surprise us with a nice bottle of congratulatory wine! The evening consisted of pinot noir, wild mushroom flat bread, seared diver scallops, crab cakes, spinach,  roasted mushrooms, cobbler, chocolate cake and sorbet … we were stuffed and tipsy (and exhausted)!

That same exhaustion lasted several weeks months, as we navigated the renovation, moving in, surprise problems and getting settled. Now that we’re mostly there, I will finally be posting those before and after photos I promised! And since you’ve waited so patiently, today I will leave you with the view of the front – quite the transformation if I do say so myself! As you can see, we removed the hideous awning, painted the brick and the steps and installed a new light, address sign and mailbox.

Of House and Home: Pinterest Addiction

I have an addiction. If you follow my “Feels like Home” board on Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed a lot of pinning activity lately – in particular, a lot of room-specific activity. It actually keeps me up at night. You might be wondering what has prompted this flurry (ok, you probably didn’t even notice), and I’m here to tell you … we’re under contract on a new house!

Last Monday we put an offer on a new place that checked every single box on our wish list, and even though we were up against a few other offers, we got it! I’ve been waiting to share the good news with you for a week, but I made myself wait until after the inspection, so we didn’t have a repeat of the last house. The inspection took place Friday evening and thankfully it went well! Of course, our inspector noted some imperfections, but no Capitol Hill home will be perfect, so all in all we are happy and finally allowing ourselves to get excited.

Yesterday Dave and I made visits to Community Forklift, a home-improvement “thrift store” that sells both new and used building materials, and Home Depot. We wanted to see what they have to offer and calibrate our vision for how to update parts of the house to make it our own – there will likely be a few DIY projects. (Luckily we agree on most everything!) We ended the afternoon with a cold brew (or two) from a restaurant in the new neighborhood, The Argonaut. They have a very cool atmosphere described on their site as “part English tavern, part San Diego taqueria, part neighborhood coffee shop… minus the coffee.” It will definitely be our new haunt.

So the next major step in the process is the home appraisal. Without any hiccups, we should be closing on October 10! I literally can not sleep because I am arranging furniture in my head and mentally picking out paint colors …  I feel like the kids on the Disney commercial!


What good news have you gotten lately?
What DIY tips can you share?