we’re back!

Well, friends, we made it! From DC to New York via PA and then on to Prague via Düsseldorf, all over Austria, to Budapest and then back to New York via Berlin, through PA and finally we were home again, home again (jiggity jig, anyone?), back in DC.

What. A. Whirlwind! I get confused just thinking about it.

A full update will require multiple posts, and I promise they will come at some point this year in the near future (hopefully) … but for now I want to say “we’re back!” and “Happy June!” from my calendar. Hope you all take a moment to keep the words of Curly Girl in mind – “enjoy the simple victory of being exactly where you are.”


This is the Day

This past week has been rather eventful – tragic bombings in Boston followed by a chase and shoot-out to capture the suspects, toxic substance filled letters to our President and a Senator, a fatal explosion in West, TX – and I’ve been reflecting on the idea that none of us knows what tomorrow may bring.

There are many blessings in my life for which I am thankful, and I am more aware at this point that they are not to be taken for granted.

I’m not really a “religious” person, but do believe in a higher power. I enjoy attending church, but never feel obligated to go. More than religion or church itself, I find inspiration in words. It is amazing that quotes from centuries ago find a way of applying to a situation we face in present day. They always seem to concisely and perfectly explain our thoughts and feelings, and sometimes tell us exactly what we need to hear. Sometimes the words that inspire me are religious, and this past week it has actually been a Bible verse on my mind:

This is the day The Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24

It is difficult to imagine a God that would allow any of these events to occur. I do find solace though in the thought that we’re all part of a plan. So despite the tragedies of late, let us remember that this day was made with a purpose. When woven through the fabric of time, this day becomes part of a beautiful plan. And for that we should be glad.