Of House and Home: Holiday Table Settings

holiday table setting

When I was a little girl, I set the table for family meals like it was my job. Well, it kind of was my job,  at least for the holidays, but I loved to do it! Eagerly referencing the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook table setting section, I just adored the various setting options ranging from simple to very formal and multiple ways to fold a napkin. (nerd alert)Much to my dismay, that section has pretty much vanished from the cookbook.

While planning our Thanksgiving table this year, I was nostalgic for the yellowed papers of the one owned by my parents since mine is a new version with very clean white pages and only one measly diagram on the topic. Alas, I was very pleased with how our table turned out, even if I forgot to put down the chargers for the meal and never did break out the crystal wine glasses.

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Pass the Merlot … Mel is 3-0!

It’s hard to imagine that anything could top my 21st birthday – opening and closing Northgate in College Station then crying when the bars closed because I was having so much fun and didn’t want my birthday to be over yet. Turning 30 however was even better.

As much as I loved college, my life is mostly in a better place (exceptions: going to work every day, bills, wrinkles), and I am totally excited to start a new decade in my life! It also helped that the weekend was full of fun, packed with surprises and made complete with several special visitors. Continue reading

tuesday things

I know I am posting very late today and you probably won’t read this until tomorrow, but for me it’s still Tuesday. So without further ado…

1. We came home yesterday to find this sweet gift in the mail from my Aunt Bev and Uncle Ron. I’ve been wanting these nesting measuring bowls for a while actually, and the towel fits in nicely with the rest of the green in our kitchen. How thoughtful!


2. Speaking of nesting, here’s a peak into some of the decor around the home. It’s still a work in progress, but the final touches will be in the living room along with some various spots around the house that need an objet d’art or deux. The living room is almost fully furnished – our chairs should get here on Friday! – and then the only BIG thing left will be to refinish the furniture in our master bedroom. If that ever actually happens, I will be a happy girl!

3. Our neighborhood library recently underwent a renovation and re-opened yesterday. I haven’t been yet, but looking at these pictures makes me even more excited to go than I already was. LOVE the archways and doesn’t that fireplace look cozy??

4. I just started reading The Paris Wife, which is about Ernest Hemingway’s first wife Hadley. I love using my kindle because it’s just one item to carry around that can hold all of the books I could even consider reading at one time, making it perfect for commuting! The DC library system has an e-book loan program so I don’t need to visit #3 for books, but it still looks like a nice place to read. Next on my list is either the Harry Potter series (I know, I am waaaaay behind) or The Hunger Games (only slightly behind.) What books are y’all reading??

5. Facebook has been alive for ten years – TEN YEARS! And it’s been in my life for nine and a half of those years. That’s just crazy. Did any of you fall into the trap of sharing your Facebook movie with a recap of your activity on the site? I sure did! (I’d share it here, but I can’t figure out how.)