What the french is a lifestyle blog
mostly about travel, food and wine

France is my favorite destination, but I truly love all travel adventures. My favorite foods are avocado, cheese and pizza (but not cheese pizza), although I absolutely would not complain if you served me a rack of lamb and parmesan-garlic mashed potatoes. If I could only drink three beverages the rest of my life, I would choose black coffee, water and wine.

This blog was started as a way to document my travels through France after college graduation. It followed me through my job as a flight attendant at Continental and then to Washington, DC, where I currently live with my fiancé Dave and our two dogs, Daisy and Jackie.

about me

Born and raised in Texas, I lived most of my life in the Dallas suburbs. Texas A&M was my college of choice, where I studied Political Science and French and was involved in Fish Camp and Zeta Tau Alpha. After graduation in 2007 (WHOOP!), I became a flight attendant for Continental Airlines. The job taught me a lot about flexibility and standing up for myself – passengers are not always the kindest people and typically think they deserve whatever they want – but I wanted to utilize my degree and have a regular schedule.

I took a leave of absence from the airline, and moved to DC. After a couple of difficult months on the job hunt, I started an internship with a Congressional office for a Member from Ohio. Two months later, I was offered a staff assistant position with the office, and from there my role grew and changed to include scheduling and office manager duties.

Unfortunately the 2010 election did not turn out as we hoped, forcing me back into a job search – at this point I had officially resigned from Continental-soon-to-be-United. I was extremely lucky to quickly find a position in DC with the National Park Foundation, an opportunity that changed my life in many ways. After two years with the Foundation, I took steps to pursue a career in communications.

Currently I work as communications coordinator for a trade association that represents many of the major US carriers, wrapping all of my professional experiences into one nice neat box!

A little about my personal philosophy:
I believe everything happens for a reason and what is meant to be will be. Timing is everything. Appreciate those you love and the things in life that make you happy.

Anything else, just ask …

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  1. jaredrexclark says:

    Hello fellow Texan! My name is Jared.

    It is funny how things turn out for the best in long run. It can be hard going through the downs/low times, but getting where we want/need to be can be hard. I went through the job search this past year, and at times it was really, really tough. But now I am at a job I wake up to and love. It is great to not dread coming to work. I thank God for that often. It sounds like you feel the same way about your job.

    I know the election might not have gone the way you wanted them to, but DC is a messed up place and it is hard to truly trust either party. I could go on but I’ll end it there.

    I like your personal philosophy. My saying would be “We don’t control much in life besides Attitude and Effort, but those are two pretty big things if you ask me.

    Have a great day.

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