Beach, Please

How was your weekend? We drove down to Virginia Beach for the Dave Matthews Band concert and took the pups with us for a full family weekend getaway! It was the first time we’ve had them at the beach and it was so fun to watch them figure it all out.

beach ready!

beach ready with my new pineapple shoes, hat and mags!

We got into town around 5pm and went over to the beach after checking in to our hotel*. During the summer, dogs are only allowed on certain areas of the beach before 10am and after 6pm. Daisy was her typical happy self, running around, smiling and saying hi to everyone that passed by. Jackie was her typical nervous self, but also had a great time running around and even braved the water a couple times, as long as Dave was by her side.

Saturday we left the pups at our hotel and went back to the beach. Not long after getting settled into our spots, the storm clouds moved in. We decided to wait it out, thinking it would blow through, but they made everyone get off the sand and move up to the boardwalk. Luckily we made it to the restaurant** for lunch just before the heavens opened and the rain even paused when it was time for us to leave. Our plans to spend the afternoon by the pool were also rained out, but we sat in the indoor hot tub and took a power nap before the concert.

The show Saturday evening was great, as always, and Dave and I picked up some new merch! DMB played several new songs and a few that were on my wish list (Oh, So Damn Lucky and You & Me). The format was great because they played two sets with a sort of “intermission” in between, and we were pleased to see the Lovely Ladies on the stage at different times throughout the night.

We slept in on Sunday (which means 9am for us …) and got about 15 minutes of pool time in before packing up and making our way back to DC. BTW have you ever heard of the RoboBoat competition? Well it was taking place at our hotel, so we watched a bit of the practice from the pool area. Student teams put together unmanned boats that have to race through an obstacle course and meet certain criteria. It was pretty impressive!

Have a great week!

Visit WTFrench on Facebook to see more pics of the pups on the beach and YouTube for videos of Jackie. 

* We stayed at the Founders Inn and Spa. The location was great for us since the main purpose of the trip was to go to the concert – it’s about 15 minutes from the venue. It is fairly inexpensive and perfect if you’re traveling with pets, as there is a designated fenced-in pet area. If your sole purpose is to visit the beach, then it might be too far, although they do offer a free shuttle to/from at various times throughout the day. The rooms are simple, but clean and have a mini-fridge, which was very convenient for me since I brought a lot of my own food.

** Big Sam’s was one of the restaurants I scouted in advance as having a few options for me to stay within the Whole30 guidelines. We had about a 30 minute wait, but the service was great! I don’t feel like I can give a true review of the food since I was pretty limited – raw oysters were just ok and my salad was great for what it was (greens, carrot, onion, tomato and cucumber). I saw plates on other tables that looked pretty tasty though, like the crab dip! 

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