How to Battle the Dog Days of Summer in a Dress

I love a summer sundress, but in the heat and humidity of Texas or the Mid-Atlantic … well, let’s just say that not everyone has a thigh gap. And really, not everyone wants one. But we do want to be comfortable!

Before our girls trip to NYC for Alycyn’s birthday (see Olivia’s trip recap), I was thinking about how amazing it would be to have some unders that were similar to a boxer brief for guys. It baffled me that no one else had come up with this concept … well, turns out someone had. (Several someones actually.)

I came across an article or blog post that I have not been able to find again, despite scouring all of my possible sources, which outlined several options for underwear “shorts” for ladies. After reading through the four or five suggestions, I decided that I wanted to try the Jockey Skimmies. They were easiest to pick up since my office is near a Macy’s and they were on sale!

At first I could only find one pair in my size, the short nude Jockey Skimmies, which I wanted anyway for lighter dresses. But I was also hoping to get one pair in a color that was a little more exciting. Then I turned the corner and saw several other options, so I picked up a pair in the “luxury blue!”

NYC was my trial run with them, and the Skimmies really did not disappoint! I won’t lie to you, they slide up a bit on the leg, but are still so much better than the alternative! They are not super tight like Spanx, but still give a smooth look without panty lines. The fabric is very light and comfy. I am still so happy with the purchase and plan to pick up more. Bring on the dog days of summer!

I've got skimmies on under that dress!

I’ve got skimmies on under that dress!

à bientôt

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