tuesday things | from sea to shining sea

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend! Dave went to the Foo Fighters concert and I spent the evening on my couch watching Pitch Perfect (LOVE – I know, I’m behind), while the crash and boom of fireworks from all over Capitol Hill serenaded the pups and me. In fact, we are still hearing fireworks around the neighborhood days later.


a pic I took of last year’s fireworks

In celebration of of our great country, here are some random things about America for your reading pleasure.

With all the talk of flags lately … LINK

And in light of other recent events. LINK

More about trends in marriage (and divorce). LINK

We were totally runner up for the DC spot on this list.  LINK

But here’s the reality of housing costs. LINK

Did you guys know this was a real game?? Who wants to play? LINK

More interesting maps of the USA LINK

Speaking of USA, how about that women’s soccer team?! I posted this on Facebook a couple weeks ago and I’m sure you’ve seen it, but let’s all watch it again!

Have a happy week! :)

à bientôt

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