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My favorite new show (honestly in a while) is the Astronaut Wives Club. I love their hair, dresses, dancing, parties … Are you watching?? If not, then get on over to ABC.com and catch up now!

some favorites: pizza, wine and Jackie

favorites: pizza, wine and Jackie

In honor of favorites, here are what these things say about you …

What your favorite ______ says about you:

Fast Food – Whataburger. Because I am from Texas!

Wine – Cabernet Sauvignon :)

Ben & Jerry’s Flavor – Half Baked!

Starbucks order – PSL for life! I’m proud to be “basic.” Although in an everyday situation I would order a skinny hazelnut latte, which I’ll equate to the skinny vanilla in this quiz. Also, have you tried their cold brew? I finally got my hands on some the other day!

Emoji – My favorite is definitely wine, but since that’s not a choice then I would have to go with the dancing lady in the red dress.

Font – This one was tough because I love fonts and none of these would really make the cut. It’s a toss up between Lucida Grande, Arial (and yes, I do organize my underwear drawer) or Garamond, which also seems to fit.

Dog Breed – Since schnauzer isn’t an option, my next fave is mixed-breed.

Color – Green. Blue. Blue-Green. Turquoise. All great choices based on this list!

Artwork – Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” obviously takes first with Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” as runner up.

Instagram filter – According to my actual stats, I tend to use #nofilter, but when I do my most favorite appears to be Valencia, followed by Mayfair then Rise.

Not sure I’m ready to base my personality review on these quizzes, but they’re fun anyway!

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