Translation to French

flowers in nice

As soon as I got into the car I burst into tears. When my mom asked what was wrong, I told her that I couldn’t wait to get married … so I could change my last name. That day a fellow first-grade girl baahed at me while we were cleaning up the classroom (because my last name is Lamb). I’m sure she meant to harm, but to this day I am still scarred.

In high school, rather than studying Spanish like every other student in Texas, I chose French. It was even my minor in college because pourquoi pas? It’s not just the cheese and the wine because for as long as I can remember (before I even had a love for cheese or wine) I have been drawn to the country and its culture. I actually told Dave the other day that my heart aches for Paris lately.

So it was rather ironic when I started “hanging out” with a guy whose last name is French. When Olivia first learned this, she was certain we were meant to be together. Well, it seems she wasn’t wrong. Four years later and now we are engaged!

Obviously I’ve been planning to change my last name for a long time, and now I am twice as lucky that not only do I get to marry such a great guy, but I also get to have the best last name I could ever have wished for!

With that change coming soon, I have decided to rebrand this little blog of mine. It started as a way to keep you all updated and also maintain a record for myself about travels in France, then time as a flight attendant and finally the random adventures of day to day life. The name certainly still fits, but I am not sure anyone who reads on a regular basis (does anyone?) could even tell you what this blog is called. So I am opting for something simpler (read: in English) that just incorporates the word French, now that it fits my life in more ways than one.

Along with a new name, my small corner of the interwebs will be getting a new design too! I’m hoping to roll everything out after this weekend, so be on the look out! Until then …

à bientôt!

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