5 Simple Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

cake-pops-286198_1280I’ve always enjoyed Valentine’s Day, even when I was single. I would bake treats and give them to friends with a handwritten note saying how much I appreciate them. Some boycott and say it’s a made up Hallmark holiday, but why not just jump in and celebrate love with all of our fellow humans?

Here are five easy last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas in case you’re feeling a step – or several steps – behind this year. (Believe me, I am not judging. I made resolutions in February and just packed up my Christmas decor this past Sunday.) Show the special people in your life how much you care!

PIY (Print it Yourself). From classmate to bestie to lover, Etsy has several print it yourself options to check any valentine off your list. Select and buy the digital file for a card, print or even personalized bottle labels then order online or in person from FedEx. So easy!

Bake something “sweet.” You’ve all probably seen this heart cake hack, but maybe try breakfast in bed, a mint chocolate heart pop bouquet or bacon hearts. Because bacon.

Frame a picture of you and your friend or significant other. I know we’re all into ‘gramming everything for instant gratification, but CVS and Walgreens both have one hour photo printing and you can have an actual hard copy picture at the end. (Yes, they still make those.) Grab a frame while you’re picking up your order or find one at a craft store, Target, TJMaxx.

Share some tunes. Make a personalized playlist on Spotify for the one you love or gift them an album through iTunes. Both are super easy to do and the recipient will think of you every time they listen!

Give the gift of time. Sure physical gifts are nice, but so are you! Spend some QT with your valentine this year and he or she will surely appreciate it. Take a walk, cook a meal together, visit a museum (if you’re like me in DC, they are even free!) pop the cork and sip on some bubbly while chatting together on the couch. The possibilities are endless.


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