Of House and Home: Holiday Table Settings

holiday table setting

When I was a little girl, I set the table for family meals like it was my job. Well, it kind of was my job,  at least for the holidays, but I loved to do it! Eagerly referencing the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook table setting section, I just adored the various setting options ranging from simple to very formal and multiple ways to fold a napkin. (nerd alert)Much to my dismay, that section has pretty much vanished from the cookbook.

While planning our Thanksgiving table this year, I was nostalgic for the yellowed papers of the one owned by my parents since mine is a new version with very clean white pages and only one measly diagram on the topic. Alas, I was very pleased with how our table turned out, even if I forgot to put down the chargers for the meal and never did break out the crystal wine glasses.

Dave and I celebrated Thanksgiving with his mom, my dad and his girlfriend Jennifer, and our dear friend Alanna. This was our second year to host, but last Thanksgiving we had been in our house for about five minutes so I was more concerned about unpacking boxes and filling rooms with furniture than setting the table nicely.

In anticipation of the day, I started researching where to find a free range all-natural turkey back in October. There are several options in the area, but I settled on a happy hen from Maple Lawn Farms. Dave and I went out on Sunday before Thanksgiving to pick it up, hoping we didn’t have to pick it from the live birds!

Dave made his beer-can turkey and we had sides of mashed potato casserole, stuffing, creamed spinach, roasted turnips and Brussels sprouts, a spanakopita-like dish, two different cranberry sauces, rolls, pumpkin pie and pecan pie. (Luckily, Dave, Alanna and I ran the Turkey Trot that morning so I felt less guilty about indulging!) Even the pups got to celebrate with a special meal.

Just before we sat down to eat, Dave kicked everyone out of the kitchen so I could set the table. The big reveal made the meal even more special. If you’re looking for a simple and elegant way to dress your table for the next occasion, here is a very easy and inexpensive option!

My vision was shimmery rustic – hence the burlap and gingham mixed with mercury glass and gold. For the leaves, I actually gathered several from a tree outside and then spray painted them gold. Click the links below to see where I got everything with the exception of the burlap runner and mercury glass candle holders, which were both from TJMaxx.  I’ve included links to similar products, although they are more expensive. Originally I wasn’t going to do a seating arrangement, but then I saw these simple place cards and decided that since I have rosemary bushes in the front yard, it was the perfect finishing touch!

holiday table settings

Black NapkinsRosemary Place Cards | Gingham Table Runner |
Mercury Glass Votive Holders and Hurricane | Gold Leaves | Gold Charger | Burlap Table Runner |

What tips do you have for creating a special table setting during the
holidays or other special occasions?

5 thoughts on “Of House and Home: Holiday Table Settings

  1. Frank Fodge says:

    So great to see you guys celebrating Thanksgiving together, but a little disappointed your dad didn’t roast a turducken! Looking forward to seeing you at Chrustmas, Mel!


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