How to Save Your Wine Labels (and a wine quiz)

Cobbler Mountain Cellars Although they say never judge a book by its cover, as far as I know, no one ever said the same for wine. Sometimes, though hopefully not often, the label is the best part! Here’s how you can save those works of art for some future use – think pretty much decoupage anything. I promise these steps are so easy that you won’t even be able to throw back a glass before you finish the project. wine bottles 1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. 2. Place empty, uncorked bottles with the labels facing up inside the oven for 10-15 minutes. Don’t be alarmed by the aroma of burning berries/tobacco/chocolate – it’s just residual wine*. wine bottles in the oven 3. Using an oven mitt, pull out the first bottle and set on a dishcloth, trivet or second oven mitt. With your free hand, take a small knife and slide it underneath one side of the label. If it moves easily, then you are ready to move on. (If not then let the bottles cook a little longer.)

4. With your finger (or a set of tweezers if your fingers aren’t numbed from years of cooking/burning them on hot plates) slowly pull the label away from the bottle holding onto the side that you loosened in step three. Aspen Dale wine bottle 5. Quickly place the label on a piece of card stock and rub so that the remaining adhesive** sticks to the paper. Et voila! Repeat the steps above for the remaining bottles and don’t forget to turn off the oven! I usually get several labels on one sheet and then place a heavy book or other object on top of the paper to help keep it flat. (h/t to my old roommate Lisa for teaching me this process!) sheet of wine labels Now before you go out and stock up on pretty labels – I mean, bottle of wine – to test this out, find out your wine spirit with this quiz that my sister helped create! I got Pinot Noir: You are sophisticated and worldly while also being down to earth. You’re a nature lover and enjoy being one with the earth. You can often be found exploring the outdoors. Not bad, if you ask me. Tell me your wine spirit in the comments below! * Some labels will actually burn – not like catch on fire burn, but melt burn. ** Sometimes the back of a label has absolutely no sticky to it after this process, so you can either keep it loose separately or you can glue it to the card stock.

8 thoughts on “How to Save Your Wine Labels (and a wine quiz)

  1. donutsndenim says:

    I got Bordeaux – “You are sultry and sophisticated (HAHA!). Your outgoing personality makes you the leader of your friend group. Your ideal evening would be enjoying an intimate gourmet dinner with five of your closest friends.”

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