tuesday things

I sure hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We got a little bit of snow, but still managed to run the 5K Trot for Hunger. When the alarm went off, I wasn’t super excited to get up, but it felt great to work up a sweat before filling up our bellies. More about that later in the week, though. Time for tuesday things!

1. I got this a few weeks ago (right before I turned 30!) and it has been a lifesaver. My right wrist started to feel sore on the regular, and within seconds of use, I felt relief. Now I even notice a difference all the way up through my shoulder and neck. Who knew that a slight bend in your wrist on a daily basis could cause such tension!

memory foam mouse pad wrist rest

2. Speaking of my birthday, I treated myself to a little gift – this beaut! Unfortunately it’s been quite a struggle migrating all my photos, music, documents and settings over from the old mac, which is why I haven’t posted about Thanksgiving, decking our halls or our visit to Ford’s Theatre. Each time I run the migration assistant, it seems to run properly until the very end when it says, “one minute remaining.” Then it freezes. Anyone else come across the same problem? How did you fix it? I have one last possible solution and then it might be time to take it in to the store. Ugh.

3. This time of year it can get hard to focus at work – Christmas shopping, twinkle lights and holiday parties are top of mind. (Shiny objects!) Here are 6 ways to shake up your work routine and prevent creative burn out. (I totally agree with the walk unless it’s pouring like today.)

4. These are punny. My faves are Walken, Moses and investigator.

5. This is a few days belated … but I’m excited to say that my BFFSM joined me in the 30 club this past Saturday!! Hope it was fantastic to spend the day with your family, and I’m jealous of your Kings Inn dinner, but I can’t wait to celebrate with you soon – Happy belated birthday, Olivia! (And welcome back to our studio.)

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