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Happy November and Happy Election Day! Did you vote? I did and felt like I was back in grade school stressing about properly filling in the bubbles on a scantron during a pop quiz. Nevertheless, there is no feeling more American than casting that ballot! (In case any of my fellow Dems need this after tonight: Chicken Soup for the Democratic Soul.) My polling location was so wonderful. The volunteers were friendly and they even had a table with coffee and donuts set out!


Isn’t the picture from my November calendar just perfect? Hard to believe my birthday is in two days – 30. Eeek! – I’m not sure what the celebration plans are, but I know that my mom, Kathy and Carin are coming in town and I’m promised that Saturday will be a lot of fun. I am just happy to have five days off!

curlygirl design

In case you’re wondering how Halloween turned out, we got all the decorations up and had plenty of trick-or-treaters, including those who were too scared to come to the door. Dave’s goals were accomplished!! The party was a blast except for the two false fire alarms and subsequent visits from the fire department (oops!) and my state of being the next day – thank God for Dave. Our theme was Halloween in the Garden of Good and Evil so we replaced most of our regular lights with green bulbs for an overall gardeny hue. In addition to our carved pumpkins and cobwebs, various greenery was strategically placed around doorways, windows and other areas of the house alongside a couple large spiders. The front and back yards were transformed into a graveyard scene. Dave even had a lightning machine complete with sound shining down on the front entrance so that as the lightning cracked, the spotlight flashed wildly. We are already having serious discussions about the theme for next year … so get ready! (For more pics, check out Olivia’s Halloween night recap.)

Somehow even after the Friday night festivities, I managed to run my first 10K on Sunday with my dear friend, Alanna. We ran together the entire time and finished with an average time of about 10 minutes per mile. I was just happy that we did not stop once to walk and that we finished under the max time limit! After the race, we treated ourselves to chicken and waffles at Shaw’s Tavern.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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