Of House and Home: This is Fall

Happy Halloween! Dave loves this day. It is his absolute favorite holiday and he has rules about decorating in advance. It’s not allowed. (So just one rule, I guess.) By the time I get home from work this afternoon, my house will be covered in cobwebs and transformed into a garden for our party tonight: Halloween in the Garden of Good and Evil. Since fall decorations are technically different than Halloween decorations, I’ve still been able to spruce up the house a bit and incorporate my favorite season.

We also have a hanging bunch of beautiful beaded corn stalks (woah, alliteration!) my dad sent last year and a full size hanging skeleton – sorry, he doesn’t photograph well. I’m really just starting to gather fall decorations since I haven’t used them much in the past. (When you’re moving apartments every year or so, the less “stuff” you have the better!) My plan is to shop some of the sales this year when Christmas really starts to take over the shelves and stores are trying to get rid of their fall decor inventory.

This time of year carries with it all kinds of traditions. We love to carve pumpkins and this year we held our own home tasting of a couple different fall beers that we picked up in Pennsylvania over Labor Day. (We waited until I finished Whole30 to do the tasting so the anticipation made it extra fun.) Leaf peeping is another tradition for us this time of year, and our West Virginia trip was perfect for it!

What are your favorite fall traditions? 

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