tuesday things for a #healthylife

The past several months have been full of exciting events – visitors, vacation, weddings and surprise birthday parties. It’s been a blast, which means eating out, cakes and all of the wine/cocktails/beer. I regularly go to CrossFit, irregularly go running and generally eat healthy, but it can be difficult with so many “exceptions” for fun (read: indulgence).

September holds the promise of being a fairly relaxing, nearly travel-free month, and I’m coming up on 30 in November, so I’ve decided to take a few steps toward being healthier. Here are some big (and some not-so-big) ways I’m making choices for a #healthylife.

1. I signed up for a 10K! I’ve never been much of a runner, but I did my first race last November – a 5K with Alycyn. She was such a wonderful running buddy, and I had hopes and dreams of running a half marathon before turning the big 3-0. Well, that’s just around the corner and I’m nowhere near ready, but when my friend Alanna told me about a 10K she is running on Nov. 2, I thought, “That’s close enough.” (Also it’s a stepping stone for me to determine whether a half is even feasible!) I know she’ll be a great partner and has even said she’d be willing to do the half with me if I decide to take the leap!

finish line and color throw

Alycyn and me at the finish line and color throw at last year’s Color Run

2. Today I started Whole30. If you haven’t heard of it, check out the site. I simply can’t do the program justice. Just know that for 30 days I will be cutting out alcohol, all sugar, grains, dairy and legumes. It will be a struggle, but luckily I have a daily dose of motivation from the Whole30 Daily newsletter and friends who have completed the program who will also give me lots of support. (If any of you are interested in being my accountability partner, I am available!) I will likely use this blog as an outlet and a way to keep myself in check by writing about what I’m eating … so not that different than the usual.

Day 1 breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and half an avocado; Day 1 lunch: chicken on arugula with bell pepper, the other avocado half, a smidgen of walnuts and homemade dressing; Day 1 dinner: grilled chicken, zucchini and red bell pepper.

3. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that my new CrossFit shoes came in today and I could not be more excited! For the past year I have been using my running shoes, and as I lift heavier weights, I can tell that my balance is off because of the cushion in the heels. These Reebok Nanos should help a ton with balance!


4. The veggies in my garden are growing! We already make attempts to eat local vegetables, but there is an even greater sense of satisfaction that comes from growing your own. This year I started small with only a small planter for jalapeños, eggplant, red bell peppers and okra. They seem to be doing well, so maybe next year I will step it up a bit and add greens, tomatoes or squash.

5. And just for fun, even though it’s not necessarily about a healthier life … Tonight I used the grill for the first time from start to finish. I can flip a steak with the best of them, but have never been the one to actually turn on the grill. Dave is training back from NYC and I needed to cook my chicken, zucchini and red bell pepper, so I pulled off the cover, lifted the lid and fired that bad boy up! I know it does not take a brain surgeon but I felt proud, and really life is all about the little things, isn’t it?

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