tuesday things

We made it to spring!! I couldn’t be more excited! Dave and I spent the last two weekends working countless hours both inside and outside of our house, prepping for the various guests we have over the next two weeks. (Expect “Of House and Home” posts soon!)

1. Last week the Cherry Blossoms reached their peak, and I took some time out of my day to stroll and enjoy.

2. This time of year I always start to get Texas-sick – maybe I’m missing the bluebonnets or the beautiful Texas skies, but I definitely switch my listening ears over to country music in the spring.

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I woke up this morning … Texas on my mind. #homesick

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3. My hankering for a little honky-tonk has come just in time, too! Tomorrow night we are going to the Pat Green concert with a few friends. It’s been three years since I last saw him. The venue is small so it makes for a fairly intimate setting. Naturally we’ll fill up on barbecue beforehand!

4. Random, but did you know that “obnoxious person” is really a boor not bore? Thanks, Miss Manners. Learn something new every day.

5. Dave tells me over and over that I need to have more confidence. Apparently as a woman, I am just wired this way! Seriously though, if I ever have girls I hope to instill in them a sense of “over-confidence.”

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