Of House and Home: Kitchen Reno

Aside from sleeping (which puts me obviously in the bedroom), I probably spend most of my time in the kitchen. Growing up with a chef for a dad, everything revolved around a meal. (And wine. Always wine.) Needless to say the kitchen was a very important part of our search – at least in my opinion! Honestly, if a house had been perfect in every other way, I would have had a difficult time agreeing to make an offer if the kitchen wasn’t at least workable.

I couldn’t be too picky though! We had a budget to stay within and there are only so many options in the neighborhood we wanted. That being said, I really do love our kitchen. It’s small in terms of counter space and storage, but we saw much worse. Plus it opens to the dining area, which automatically makes it feel bigger. I knew that we could definitely get creative and make it work, especially since the house met almost every other item on our wish list.


kitchen before

There were a few cosmetic things I wanted to take care of – I hated the color of the cabinets, the floor tile and light fixture had to go and I wanted to add a little pop by putting in a backsplash (subtle, nothing flashy). Dave also thought we needed a new faucet so he installed that after we moved in. The contractors got to work almost immediately after we closed on the house. Even though we wouldn’t move in for a couple of weeks, we stopped by practically every day to check in on things and make various decisions. (It was a bit exhausting, which is why I haven’t posted about the reno until now!) This is a glimpse of what the process looked like … look at that old-school black and white tile below our ugly 90s tile!

I had very mixed feelings whenever we would see the “progress.” It was a little lot scary to have everything so torn up, but at the same time it was a bit of a thrill. Everything happened so quickly because we didn’t have much time so all the tile had to be in stock nearby or at least something that could be shipped within a week. Originally I wanted this backsplash, but since it wasn’t available, I found something similar. We searched forEVER for the floor tile and finally found a slate-like tile that was the right shape/size and not tinted blue. In the end it looked like this!


kitchen after


kitchen after

I love it!! And it’s so crazy to look at the before and after comparison side by side. I am so pleased with every aspect of the kitchen and the facelift makes cooking a much more pleasant experience since I actually enjoy being in the room.


side by side before and after

4 thoughts on “Of House and Home: Kitchen Reno

  1. Beverly E. Lamb says:

    What a transformation! Love it so much. And you were lucky that it was done before you moved in! Living without a kitchen is so difficult . You have your Mother’s decorating gene and your Father’s cooking gene, great combination!


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