tuesday things

It’s late and I’m ready for bed, but I accidentally poured just a little bit too much in my wine glass, and since I naturally must stay up to finish it I figured I’d write. I’ll keep this short though – some deep and some not-so-deep (I’m looking at you #1 and #4).

1. I made the decision a couple weeks ago to grow out. It was a Wednesday (don’t ask why I know this) and I was getting ready for work, realizing that if I didn’t have the bangs life would be much easier. That may be a little bit of a drastic statement, but nevertheless, it would at least be slightly easier. Am I making a terrible mistake? (Again, a bit dramatic considering I can always cut them again.)

before bangs/after bangs

before bangs/after bangs

2.  Our chairs came on Monday! Daisy was intrigued and I felt like I was pulling out the insides of a turkey. Maybe this is a normal thing now (??), but the legs came stuffed inside the zipper pouch of the underside of each chair.

3. I read this article a couple weeks ago and though it is long, I totally agree with this line: “Western people are running from themselves and they use the busy-ness of their lives as an excuse to avoid having to actually live their own life.” What do you think? I got so tired of hearing myself say how “busy” I am, so lately I have made a conscious effort to stop.

4. There was a moment last weekend where our house was void of butter, olive oil, garlic and onion. I had a mini panic about it and then quickly resolved the issue, although it had to wait until the next day. My friend Jennabeth commented that, “Lanie without Garlic is like Sherlock without Watson.” We lived together so she knows me pretty well.


^^giant bottles of both so as not to recreate the terrible moment^^

5. On that note, here’s some perspective.

Hope you’re having a great week!

4 thoughts on “tuesday things

  1. Beverly E. Lamb says:

    Fun post, love the philosophy bits, we should all take time and be greatfull, never bought a chair with the legs stuffed inside (love the chairs) like your bangs but a change is always fun. Bev


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