Of House and Home: “Master Bath” Reno

Guess what?? The chairs for our living room come in today! I am so excited, as these pieces will really put the finishing touches in that room as far as furniture is concerned. We still have more decorating to do and who knows if that rug will ever come in?! But this is a huge step… and now on to my reason for being here today!

As I mentioned in the powder room reno post, we were lucky enough to find a house with 2.5 baths, which is not easy on Capitol Hill unless you have an unlimited budget. Having the extra full bath will give us room to grow and also means that our guests have the option to have their own bathroom when they come visit :)

Because of the typical layout of homes in our area, the second full bath is in the basement and we don’t have an actual “master bath,” but for some reason I can’t help but call it that! Our “master” is the only bath on the second floor and accessible to all from the hallway. In fact, the top of the stairs dumps you off right at the entrance.

This was probably the “room” I hated most in the house. There was this nasty tile going three quarters up the wall and everything seemed dingy. You want your bathroom to feel clean and fresh!

master bath before

master bath before

So we did this to it…

And then we did this! (Please excuse the spots and dust on the mirror. We do live here so it’s not perfect.)


master bath after

The white beadboard and blue paint give it a cottage feel, helping to give the room “light” even though we don’t have a window, and the marble tile looks pretty classy if I do say so myself. Now we just need some art on that bare wall… maybe a framed print like this?

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