Of House and Home: Powder Room Reno

It’s been another long week, but at least this time when I woke up on Wednesday I only thought it was Thursday instead of Friday. Progress.

Today begins the long-awaited home reno post, the first of many. I’m starting with something short because it’s Friday and I don’t have much left in terms of attention span. This weekend I have zero plans though, so you can expect many more posts in the coming week. :)

As you know, one of the items on our wish list was a second bathroom. Ideally I wanted 2.5 but knew it would be tough. It wasn’t hard to come by a half bath, as most of the homes on Capitol Hill seem to have 1.5 baths, with the .5 being a tiny closet off the kitchen. Luckily ours is in the hallway between the living room and kitchen so it’s not as awkward if you’re having a meal and someone needs to relieve themself. (Even more lucky is the fact that we did get the second full bath, which will be part of a later reno update.) Unfortunately we don’t have many before pictures, but there are plenty of after pics!

Powder Room Before

Powder Room Before

The view here is from the doorway into the bathroom. To the left would be the toilet. The pedestal sink had too large of a basin so it cut off the entrance just a bit. The powder room is not a large space, but we were able to maximize it with a very small pedestal sink and a beautiful mirror to make the room appear a bit larger. I also think that painting the walls really helped to give it a little depth especially because the color changes depending on the lighting. (You’ll notice in the last picture that it looks almost purple!) We ripped everything out and replaced it all – tile flooring, the the light fixture, toilet and all the hardware – and painted using Behr’s French Silver. Even though the mirror is my favorite, I also really love the teapot faucet and matching towel/tissue holders.


powder room after


powder room after

powder room mirror

powder room after


powder room after
teapot faucet


powder room after
hexagon marble tile floor


powder room after

What do you think? Admittedly I need to do a little bit of work to spruce up the three cabinet nooks, but we only hung that piece a couple weeks ago since it took a while to find something to fit in the space so I’m cutting myself some slack.

As I said, there is more to come later. For now have a great Friday!

4 thoughts on “Of House and Home: Powder Room Reno

  1. Beverly E. Lamb says:

    Love it Mel. Simple and elegant and great use of the small space. The mirror is a real statement piece and enlarges the room. Good work!


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