Love, The Greatest of All Things

Happy February, y’all! On Saturday I thought about my New Year’s post and tried to keep the same resolve for channeling that joie de vivre on a monthly basis rather than waiting for the start of a new year. It was a productive and fun-filled day that started with an early trip to the DMV. Now that I have a true permanent D.C. address, I felt that it was time to trade in my Texas license.

I have to say that this was definitely a moment of reflection and loss mixed with a twinge of excitement for all the wonderful memories to be made in our new home. (Don’t worry though, it’s just a piece of plastic with an address printed on it –  Texas will always be my “home!”)

That afternoon Dave and I took a trip to Union Station for some errands and accidentally ended up eating there because we were too hungry to wait until we got home. While we were there I called my dad to wish him happy birthday, and he wondered where we were going since we were at the train station. It was a bit odd, but Union is actually home to several stores and also a lot of eateries ranging from food court style to a couple nice sit-down restaurants. Dave got a new phone from the Verizon store and some work shirts from Jos. A Bank, while I was able to pick up foundation from MAC.

The walk each way is one mile, and once we got back home we went on another walk to take Daisy to Lincoln Park since it was also her birthday! She had a lot of fun running around, but also took a moment to stop and smell the “roses.” :)

We ended the day with a football movie marathon (Remember the Titans, We are Marshall and Invincible) and tears. Lots of tears!

Finally (since you know I love calendars) I want to share with you my new pic for the month of February. I just L-O-V-E it! This month I challenge us all to give and receive love every day – whether it’s your family, friends, significant other or a total stranger – as love truly is the blessing of the greatest worth.

Also, you have my permission to eat all of the cookies.


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