Pretend Trip to France

If you’ve followed along from the beginning, you’ll know I have an unhealthy a perfectly normal case of francophilia. Instead of electing to take Spanish in high school like every other student in Texas, I chose Le Français, always dreaming that I would one day live there in a little pied-à-terre, surviving only on a diet of le vin rouge and toutes les fromages. (Yes, I actually meant all of the cheese!)

I love France so much that even my favorite artiste – Vincent van Gogh – was also enchanted by the country, although native to the Netherlands, and selected many of its landscapes for his paintings, which are arguably his best-known works.

Months ago I heard about an upcoming van Gogh exhibit at The Phillips Collection and its been on my calendar ever since. This past Sunday was supposed to be the last day and I had plans all weekend with Erin coming in town, so I planned to spend my Martin Luther King Day at the gallery, but two things happened: I realized the museum was not open on Mondays and also that the special exhibit was extended through this upcoming Sunday. This worked out well because they are open late on Thursdays and I just happened to have no plans last night. So I bought my ticket last week and have been looking forward to it for days!


Maybe my expectations were just too high! Although they showcased a few of my favorites (Entrance to the Public Gardens in Arles, The Road Menders and The Bedroom at Arles) and I discovered a couple new favorites (Le Moulin de la Galette and House at Auvers), I was a little disappointed. Not sure what I expected, but I guess I thought there would just be … more.


Perhaps if I were a talented artist interested in a deep dive of the technique, I’d have been more content with the exhibit. Don’t get me wrong, it was lovely and of course I enjoyed an evening to myself surrounded by beautiful artwork. Alas, it was no Musée d’Orsay, but at least for the evening I was able to take a pretend return trip to France!

5 thoughts on “Pretend Trip to France

  1. Beverly E. Lamb says:

    Mel, add the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to your bucket list! He was very prolific but most of his work probably does not get out of that museum.


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