Of House and Home: Closing Day

All morning I was so nervous. I could barely eat or sit still. I’m honestly not even sure that I slept the night before. Dave found it endearing considering he was the one technically buying the house. He wasn’t nervous at all. But I figured that even though my name wasn’t on those papers, I was just as almost in it as much as he was!

I went to work in the morning and treated myself to a PSL to kick off the day of celebration. When Dave picked me up around 12:30, I still hadn’t eaten anything (again, too nervous) so I dropped a granola bar in my bag and picked up a little cheese and fruit snack tray from Starbucks.

The entire ride to the house I kept Dave entertained with my breathing exercises while I tried to soothe the anxiety. We did a walk through to make sure everything was in good condition and then went to the title company to sign all the papers. It went by pretty quickly, and before we knew it, keys were in hand!


he’s a homeowner!

After the paperwork and formalities, we went back to the house for a celebratory bottle of champagne with Marc. I finally lost the nervousness, and realized how hungry I was! Luckily we had a dinner reservation at Blue Duck Tavern in Georgetown. The girls have always talked it up as one of their favorite restaurants, so as soon as we picked the closing date I made a reservation.

Sitting down at the table, we were given a card by the waiter and the manager came over to speak with us – my dad called ahead to surprise us with a nice bottle of congratulatory wine! The evening consisted of pinot noir, wild mushroom flat bread, seared diver scallops, crab cakes, spinach,  roasted mushrooms, cobbler, chocolate cake and sorbet … we were stuffed and tipsy (and exhausted)!

That same exhaustion lasted several weeks months, as we navigated the renovation, moving in, surprise problems and getting settled. Now that we’re mostly there, I will finally be posting those before and after photos I promised! And since you’ve waited so patiently, today I will leave you with the view of the front – quite the transformation if I do say so myself! As you can see, we removed the hideous awning, painted the brick and the steps and installed a new light, address sign and mailbox.

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