tuesday things – broken

Since closing, we have been making endless decisions for the remodel, moving and trying to get settled (read: dealing with one issue after another). I’ve been promising pictures for a while and they will come soon, but likely not until things are at least somewhat organized. I won’t try to kid myself into thinking that the house will ever be done, but for now we aren’t even close!

This post will be short, sweet and to the point to give you an idea of how it’s been going: some things that are or have been broken in our house in the past week.

1. hot showers. We moved in on a Saturday and had to wait until Monday to use the shower because it had just been re-coated. We were both so excited to get clean after moving and unpacking, only to find that there was no hot water. This problem was definitely taken care of in a matter of hours.

2. washing machine. Tuesday evening I set a new load to wash and took Daisy for a walk. When I came back, I contemplated which boxes to unpack. Luckily I decided to take a few items to the basement because that’s when I found the flood. I turned off the water, but it kept coming out, which was when I realized it was leaking from the bottom of the machine.  This is still a work in progress. The silver lining? It only flooded the back part of the basement and we have a home warranty, which should cover the repair or replacement.

3. garbage disposal. Saturday after making dinner I started to clean up and flipped the switch on our disposal for the first time since the inspection. Nothing. Silence.  My friend Emily was in town so we solicited all the men we know (ok, just our dads, her husband and Dave – Emily already pointed out how we were filling the cliche role of “helpless female”). After acting out all their suggestions (pushing the reset button, forcing the blades to turn and using a wrench to turn from the bottom) without any luck, we deemed it dead. I thought it was another reason to appreciate the home warranty, until the repairman told me that someone put paint in the drain, so it was considered “misuse” and not covered. This is also a work in progress, but should be on its way to being replaced very soon.

4. dishwasher. Not exactly broken, but read #3 for the reason as to why we can’t use the dishwasher at present.

5. alarm system. Also not exactly broken, but one of the sensors keeps tripping unnecessarily. If the kitchen door is used as the exit after the alarm is set, it does not recognize that the door has been closed and will notify the security company. They typically notify us before calling the police, but I was in Target and had poor cell service. The cops probably came to our house around the time I was handing over my worn out credit card at the register.

All of this can and will be fixed, and from what I hear, it seems par for the course when buying a home … the experience really gives meaning to the saying “when it rains it pours!” For now, I am seeking higher ground and crossing my fingers for a drought. :)

PS – On a happy note, I bought this yesterday to help us organize the growing wine collection!


2 thoughts on “tuesday things – broken

  1. Beverly E. Lamb says:

    We had a home warranty when we moved in this house 30+ years ago and got a new air conditioner and a few minor things. Getting your wine organized will make you feel better !


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