tuesday things: home decor galore!

It’s really hard to think about anything else other than the fact that we close on Thursday!! My every thought relates to the new house – paint colors, tile flooring, bathroom vanities, faucets, lighting… the list goes on.

So today I am sharing things I am thinking of buying for the house and the ways we’ve discussed decorating. Let me know what you think!

  1. entryway table: I’d love to do something like this, especially with the vintage suitcases!

    So I’m thinking I may start with this table!

    I also really like this one, but it might be too dark…


  2. coffee table: It’s really difficult for me to pick out a coffee table until we’re sure of the couch and side chairs, but since I have an idea of what we plan to get, and I KNOW we need storage, I am thinking a trunk-like table such as this Rebecca Trunk from Pottery Barn!


  3. accent chairs and throw pillows*: As I mentioned, we have not yet picked out a couch or chairs, but I am 99% sure we’ll go with a solid gray couch and side chairs that incorporate cream, gray and/or blue in a pattern.

    To give a little color and texture to the living room, I am thinking any of the following pillows:


  4. large clock: I love, love, love these large clocks! I saw some at Lowe’s or Home Depot on Sunday – I can’t remember which one because, yes, we spent hours in both stores.


  5. wagon, barrel or wheel barrow-style planter: We have a tree stump in the front yard that I’d like to cover up in a creative way, so I am thinking that I could get something like this!

    I’ve also looked at the following two as options for a planter container.


Other fun things we’d like to buy that are totally not necessary, and will likely have to wait for a while, include a kegerator and a dual-zone wine fridge!

Come back after we close for the “before” pictures of the house and then stay tuned for the “in progress” and “after” photos! Hope you all have a great week, and please leave comments with your thoughts on any of the above, or share any items that you think we would love :)

*Throw pillows always remind me of this clip…

12 thoughts on “tuesday things: home decor galore!

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