tuesday things fall into place

Sorry for posting so late today, but I was waiting for something special … Today’s “tuesday things” post is about how sometimes it all just falls into place. So this is the story about just that. Things fall into place – a perfect afternoon, the best groups of friends and getting back something you thought you’d lost!

1. Sunday afternoon picnic. Dave and I spent most of Sunday wondering whether we would get that house. (If you haven’t read the latest Of House and Home, then stop reading this post and read that one now before you get to number three on this list!) He had some work to do though and I just kept pinning to pass the time away. After a while he suggested that we take advantage of the beautiful weather and do something fun. Like a picnic! We went to Gravelly Point by DCA to relax in the grass and watch planes takeoff and land. It’s one of our favorite spots in DC, and was so much sweeter because we had wine and a modified caprese salad! Daisy was with us too and could not have been happier! It really was the perfect afternoon :)

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in the car with Daisy she was so excited!!

in the car with Daisy
she was so excited!!


it’s a bird. it’s a plane!

2. Girls night. Recently my BFFSM Olivia of Mother May I got engaged to her wonderful boyfriend, now fiance. They are such a great couple and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them. So last night we took Olivia out to celebrate with sparkly drinks! Celebrate we did, and sparkly they were.  I say it all the time, and I’ll say it again: I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of friends! A few of us were even friends in college, and it’s amazing how we ended up here. Maybe other people say this about their own group of friends, but I think ours is the best!

3. This morning as I stood on the platform waiting for my train, I was still contemplating taking a sick day to cozy back up in bed. It was rainy, which obviously is perfect tv-in-bed-all-day weather, and as I told my co-worker, “my hair was out way too late last night.” But then I got a text message from M. The seller came back. He (mostly) accepted our offer and wanted to know if we were still available to buy the house. I say mostly because there was still a lot of negotiating that took place today, but we now have a ratified contract so I am allowing myself to be excited! Ironically I received a package today at work from my friend Madison. She sent us these beautiful wine-themed measuring spoons for our new home. What perfect timing!



What has fallen into place lately for you? I love a happy ending!

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