Of House and Home: Hard Times

If the timing of this post is any indication of how the search went this weekend, I am sure you can guess that it wasn’t fruitful. Were there some sort of major housing advancement to report, I would have written on the subject sooner. Alas, we are still on the hunt, but as Dave says, “Every weekend we are learning more, and we just have to be patient.”

Several realtors have told us that there are three factors that come into play when buying a home: price, location and quality of the property. A buyer gets to pick two of the three and the market sets the third. Understanding that we’ll likely have to make a compromise on one of the three, we still haven’t found that sweet spot where price meets location meets quality, but at least last weekend had more to offer, which hopefully means inventory is picking up.

There are a few homes “coming soon” above H St., and both of us feel like that’s where we’re going to find the best combination of all three of the aforementioned factors. After Sunday’s showings with M – I think we hit eight houses! – Dave and I did a drive-by of the Atlas District, where we expect one flipped property to list on August 1 or shortly thereafter. While peeking in that property from the outside, Dave made friends with a developer for another flip across the street. He went inside for a quick tour, and the plans seemed to check all of our boxes, so it’s another potential listing to which we can look forward.

At the end of our day, we ended up at Hard Times Cafe – apropos considering that I felt a tiny bit discouraged about the search. We make a stop at this local chili spot every six-ish months, and I definitely did not have the energy to cook dinner, so it was a great decision despite being on the unhealthy end! Our usual appetizer of Southwest Egg Rolls came out first, followed by my favorite dish, the Chili Bubba with Terlingua and Cincinnati chilis, which hit the spot. I was so hungry that I forgot to get a pic of the Chili Bubba, but here are the egg rolls and the entrance!)

photo 3

photo 2

Southwest Egg Rolls

We’ll be back out this weekend and hope to have better news to report soon!

4 thoughts on “Of House and Home: Hard Times

  1. Adrianne says:

    Keep your spirits up! My husband and I looked forever before we found the home we live in now. We even put offers on multiple foreclosures before deciding that option was not our best route. My husband always groused about how the housing market had to be the one commodities market where you can be willing and able to buy and yet not be able to get what you want! It will all work out eventually :)


    • mroselamb says:

      Thanks, Adrianne! Your husband makes a good point about the housing market – it’s crazy! But I trust it will work out. Hopefully you ended up with a home you love, and I feel confident that we will too. We just have to exercise a little patience :)


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