tuesday things

For a while, I have been considering opportunities to join a blog link up, and today I found a great list of link ups for the entire week! I can’t promise daily posts, but I will try, and at least now I have many many options :)

I was planning to link up with Rachel at Just Peachy – she is a new addition to my blogroll, and so far I am loving it! – but she didn’t seem to host today. Luckily my BFFSM Olivia of Mother May I sent me another option for a Friend Connect Blog Hop.

I’ll use these “tuesday things” posts as a way to list five people, places, things, events, etc. that could be random or might have a theme, such as “Top 5 Vacations” or “Top 5 Articles I’ve Read Lately.” So without further ado … here is my list, and today it is completely random!

1. Ladies Who Lunch: Yesterday and today I had the pleasure of eating lunch with two of my favorite people – Monday with Alanna and Tuesday with Marjorie. I met these wonderful friends when working at NPF, and we still find time to get together and catch up. It’s the perfect midday pick-me-up! I wish I could truly be a lady who lunches, but will have to settle for the hour lunch break from work until I win the lottery. (Problem with that theory is that I don’t actually play the lottery…)

Alanna and me when we both still worked at NPF

Alanna and me when we both still worked at NPF

With Marjorie at lunch today

With Marjorie at lunch today

2. OPI’s I Eat Mainely Lobster: I love this color for summer nails! After searching several stores without luck, I finally broke down and bought a bottle online. Great decision, especially because it came so quickly and I was able to put it on my tootsies the very next day!

3. Local Neighborhood Restaurants: Dave and I have a few that we like to frequent, but last Friday we made a stop at Eat Bar. It was our third time there and we made it just in time for happy hour! They have delicious nibbles and a pretty extensive beer and wine list. For treats, we chose the sweet hot chili wings, truffle baby burger and assorted cheeses – my favorite! We each had a glass of wine during happy hour, red for me and white for him, then both did the wine flight to finish off the evening.

4. Target Racerback Tank: I wear these for my workouts, and they are perfect! I love how the bright colors seem to give me more energy and the style is so comfortable. It’s fitted enough that it doesn’t get in the way like a t-shirt can, but it’s also loose enough to let in some cool air. I already have two and plan to buy at least two more!


5. This article on Thrillist: Called “The Rejectables,” this article lists 10 variety pack food items that people tend to neglect. I totally agree with banana runts, licorice jelly beans and chex mix pretzels, but have to say that I love green jolly ranchers and the strawberry third of Neapolitan ice cream. Check it out and let me know if you reject the things on the list too!

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