Of House and Home: Setting the Stage

For about three weeks, Dave and I have been on the search for a house to call home (see our wish list below). In all honesty we’ve been watching the market for months, maybe even a year now, and we even attended a couple of home buying classes. It’s super fun and exhausting all at the same time.

Our Wish List

Location: Capitol Hill, Hill East or Atlas District

2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms (minimum)

Basement or third bedroom (for the “Dave Cave”)

Back yard-ish area for the pups (Yes, that’s plural. I will be getting a buddy for Daisy ASAP! We’re not crazy to think we can get a Texas-sized yard though.)

Front porch

Space for a small garden

Historic charm such as exposed brick, hardwood floors, wood trim, or fun doors (like the pocket or French variety)

A fireplace would be nice, too …


I’ve been wanting to start some regularly themed blog posts, and my BFFSM* Olivia of “Mother May I” suggested that I start blogging about the house hunt and once it’s over, which will hopefully be soon, I can write about all our adventures like hosting parties, updates and improvements we make along the way or other fun tidbits of life in our home sweet home.

After considering other names like “Home Is Where the Heart Is” (too cheesy) and “The Home Stretch” (reminded me of a horse race), I’ve decided to call the series “Of House and Home.” Come back soon! I’ll be posting about our recent adventures in house hunting, which is basically summed up like this …

or this …



*Obviously this stands for “best friend forever/soul mate.”

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