Kiss Me, I’m Irish

From a young age, the tradition and festivity of St. Patrick’s Day was ingrained in my being. My grandmother Rita Marie Dooley was full Irish – in attitude only, according to Uncle Ron – and my father took this aspect of his heritage to heart.

He starts the day early and crawls his way around Dallas with his buddies. Several pints of Guinness are consumed along with various Irish dishes, and last year he even stole borrowed a delivery truck! I try to out-party him, but it’s just not possible.

This year St. Patrick’s Day began at Washington National Cathedral for mass with Dave and his mom. The service was beautiful and the sermon powerful. Very Rev. Gary Hall has a talent for relating the lessons of the Biblical readings to a topic of current events or challenges we face in present-day.

Following church, we made our way to Boqueria, a Spanish tapas restaurant in Dupont Circle. We opted for the unlimited brunch menu, which included as many small plates and drinks that our hearts (and stomachs) could desire. Although, this wasn’t a traditional Irish meal – or really an Irish meal at all – it was delicious! We ate more than our fair share, and I even tried all three sangria variations – red, white and rose. My favorite dish was the perfectly crisp cinnamon churro stuffed with warm, gooey, oozing Nutella.

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Nutella stuffed churros. Yum!

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After a fairly quick stop by the National Archives to see the highlights, we made our way back to Arlington. Dave’s mom decided to stay in and rest, while we went out in search of our celebratory Guinness and green beer.

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St. Patricks's Day #kissme #Guiness

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St. Patrick's Day #kissme

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My heart was a little broken to discover that I would not find any green beer at the local Irish pub, but what we did find almost made up for the lack of it!

I hope everyone had a safe and beer-filled St. Patrick’s Day with at least one kiss. Because let’s face it, everyone is Irish on March 17!

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