For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow!

When Dave’s apartment building started doing pet of the month, I was pissed that Daisy wasn’t their first choice. (Turns out that she may have been, but someone forgot to send in her picture…)

Timing is everything though because I couldn’t think of a better pup to be honored during the month of March! I told her last night that she could do whatever she wants for the entire month – kind of like your birthday.


Daisy looks great with a beer!

We are worried though that the fame appears to be going to her head. People always recognized Daisy in the building and even on the street, but as Dave walked her this morning, the attention levels certainly elevated. Now he thinks that Daisy might need a publicist, and since she can’t afford him, she’s stuck with me.

Congrats, Daisy!! We’re so proud of you for making pet of the month!

2 thoughts on “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow!

  1. Bev Lamb says:

    Just makes me wish I knew Daisy! She looks too adorable. Watch that she does not drink too much beer while being pet of the month.


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