Lady in Red

No matter how long I live out of Texas, I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for the Lone Star State. Everything is bigger – and better – and Black Tie and Boots Inaugural Ball was no different, except that it takes place in DC.


Olivia and Alycyn have talked non-stop about how much fun they had at the 2009 BT&B, so I had been toying with the idea of going. The only thing holding me back was the ticket price – $275. Each! Add in a dress and shoes, maybe some jewelry, and I couldn’t get on-board with that.

About a week and a half before the event, I was at dinner with Olivia and Alycyn as they relived their last experience and talked plans for their next. I decided then and there that I had to go.

After a bit of searching, I found some tickets on Craigslist for $180 each, and decided to save some money by renting a dress from Rent the Runway. (It’s a great site that allows you to pick out one dress in two sizes and add a second dress for $25!) Dave rented a tux and already had black cowboy boots, so before long we were ready for the ball!

We dressed up and met our friends at The Gaylord for a few pre-game bevvys. On our way into the ball, we were greeted by a mariachi band, and I so badly wanted Olivia to join in and sing with them.


The hallways hosted a Texas Fair marketplace and every room had bars and buffets. Inside were three entertainment areas for a range of talent including Charley Pride, Josh Abbott Band, and my favorite performers of the night, the Kilgore College Rangerettes.



We had a great time, but definitely paid for it the next day! IMG_1283

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