If you need us, we’ll be at the cabin.

Dave and I have come to love the idea of having a cabin in the Shenandoah area of Virginia. It has become our fantasy inside joke. We talk about it as if it is a real place that we actually own.

It’s cold in DC: “I bet it’s snowing out at the cabin.”

We’ve had a hard day at work: “Let’s just pack up and go to the cabin this weekend.”

While walking Daisy in this urban landscape of endless concrete: “Daisy said she’d rather be at the cabin.”

The area is peaceful with beautiful views of the mountains and valleys. Tiny towns dot the roadsides, overflowing with history. Most importantly, there are wineries aplenty!

For New Year’s Eve we decided to spend a few days out near Luray in a rented cabin. It was a perfect way to end the craziness of the holiday season. We packed up the car (and Daisy!) to head west, spending three days with little cell reception, no internet and a twenty minute drive to the nearest town.


On our way we stocked up on groceries, beer, and of course, wine. The first night there we celebrated “Christmas” with a pork loin dinner followed by opening gifts next to our mini tree, dubbed “Jorge” by Dave.


The next three days were filled with reading by the fireplace, walks along the snowy riverbank, dips in the hot tub and my own little spa treatments. Dave put his Eagle Scout skills to use building fires in the outside pit and making his childhood camping dish of tin foil dinners, which combines ground meat and veggies wrapped in foil and placed over the campfire.



Our last night was New Year’s Eve, and we celebrated with salmon, veggies and rice for dinner, then champagne and strawberries while watching the various countdown performances on TV. (It was the first time we turned it on!)


Needless to say, the cabin is everything we dreamed of and more. The only stressful part of the weekend was when we locked ourselves out one night around 10pm… Daisy just stared at us through the front door, no help at all. By the grace of God, we found an open window through which I could climb!



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