ketchup – a condiment usually made from tomatoes

After talking with Uncle Ron this past week, I realized that I have not written a new post in over a month. Many of you don’t even know that I started a full time job! Life got crazy, and I am still trying to get it all under control, but as of March 15, I became officially employed by my office. March 15 was also the first day of twelve in a row that resulted in the passage of health care. The days were long and extremely hectic, but I honestly enjoyed every minute. Last night I came to the realization that this would be my last week as an intern, and I am beyond grateful to stay around for a while.

Mom and Kevin came to visit last weekend and we were able to visit the White House, Capitol, Library of Congress, Eastern Market, Dupont, Georgetown, Old Town Alexandria, and Arlington Cemetery. Mom even stocked me up on gas, groceries, shoes, and clothes! It was a busy, yet very relaxing weekend.

I can’t promise that I will post as frequently as before, but I  will try to have more than one post each month… upcoming: Easter recap and looking forward to the Kentucky Derby.

2 thoughts on “ketchup – a condiment usually made from tomatoes

  1. Madison says:

    I’m so happy when your update shows up in my inbox :) I hope your week is starting off well, and I look forward to however many posts you make! Love you Cupcake


  2. Aunt Bev says:

    I am so pleased that you got a job, and with a Dem ! I
    read all about him on his web site. Your Dad was here for Passport and we had a good time but missed you. Another time.

    My friend Ami Bera is running for Congress and I am sending a link to a video that was made about him. I have a minor part. He is a great guy and I am crossing my fingers he gets elected!


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