bye-bye Chuck

Liz and I got our Christmas tree the very first week of December. His name was Chuck. We got him from Whole Foods so he was organic and we thought that name sounded fitting.

Chuck was beautiful and quite possibly the best tree I’ve ever had. We were so sad to take him down that we waited until January 13! Naturally he was a bit dry to say the least, so instead of schlepping him down the four flights of stairs, we decided that it would be so much smarter to just “toss” him over the balcony. The parking lot happens to be on the same side of the building, but luckily there was an open spot directly beneath us.

looking down at Chuck

As we hoisted Chuck up, I got really nervous. “Just roll him over the side,” Liz said with confidence. The thud 4 floors down had us rolling on the ground, both in laughter and nervousness. Hopefully no one saw, and thankfully Chuck landed perfectly in the empty spot.

We ran down and carried him to a nearby dumpster. Although we were sad to leave him, we were happy that he had a friend to keep him company while he waited to be taken away.

Chuck leaning on his new friend

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