A Series of “Fortunate” Events?

I never thought that, at my age, I would have to take an internship… but that’s just the way things work up here in the district. Today was my first day and I really enjoyed it. My friends and family have all been so supportive that I feel as though I landed a job as an actual Congresswoman! Instead I will be answering phones and other menial tasks, but honestly, I felt more pride with every minute spent in the office.

By the end of the day I was very comfortable with my position and then I received great news… so let me back up for those that don’t know the beginning of the story.

New Year’s Eve was spent with three great girl friends at a bar near my apartment. I got off work at 7 so we just met up for dinner then at Ireland’s Four Courts, followed by an evening of celebratory drinks. When we left the bar, my purse was nowhere to be found. The next day I canceled my credit and metro cards, bought a new iPhone, and slowly began piecing my life back together, buying all the other trivial items that I lost in the great purse incident of 2009/2010. (I’m not sure which it would be since it could have gone missing before or after midnight!)

It was difficult for me to resign myself to the fact that my belongings were really gone. Even today I had a twinge of hope left. I just have always been so lucky in the past, having lost my entire purse another time and just my phone on a difference occasion, only to have them returned both times. I even lost & found my Aggie ring on the galley floor of a plane, not realizing it until I was on the next plane. The captain ran back to the previous gate, searched and found it under a cart. There were definitely tears upon its return to my ring finger! Needless to say, I am on St. Anthony’s good list, or as Resalin told me, “You must have great karma because you rescued orphans from a collapsed mine in a previous life.” Random. I think I just must be such a great person and what goes around comes around! (Too bad what comes around to me does not come in the form of full-time job or a nice man-friend… but I’ll take what I can get!)

Just when I was actually giving up on chance, I received a message from the Four Courts manager saying, “Did you u lose a hand Bag on New Years eve ? If so please call Dave at…” Upon calling Dave, he told me that someone returned my purse and since he couldn’t unlock my phone, he googled me, using my driver’s license, found me on facebook, and sent me a message because, “I saw the iPhone and cash in there and thought, ‘This woman must be going crazy!'”

When it comes to my life, crazy is an understatement, but it has nothing to do with the missing purse, or its contents.

2 thoughts on “A Series of “Fortunate” Events?

  1. Aunt Bev says:


    So happy you had your purse and phone returned! I am a firm believer in ” what goes around comes around.”

    Can’t wait to hear more about your internship and I just know that they will realize your true value and give you more responsibility and pay you. In the meantime learn all you can and figure out how to be invaluable to the office. It sounds like an exciting life.


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