walkin’ in a winter wonderland

Most of you heard of the blizzard that hit DC last weekend. We got 20+ inches of snow in Arlington! Call me crazy, but the storm further solidified my preference for cold weather.

Friday night I so intelligently drove into Adam’s Morgan to meet up with friends. This was a bad idea because A) parking in Adam’s Morgan is pretty much non-existent, and B) the snow started to fall before I even left my apartment. “I drove in the snow in New Jersey… I can handle this.” And I did, but it still wasn’t smart. After parking back at home that night, I still have yet to move my car.

Saturday morning I got up for work at Loft, only to get a call from our district manager an hour later to close down the store. Instead of going home I decided to stop by Whole Foods for some bubbly and bacon, then I joined the party at my friend Jonathan’s where we had breakfast sammies and hot cocoa. Outside we played in the park, mostly with 7 yr olds. Jonathan dragged out his skis and the rest of us used a cardboard box as a makeshift sled.

The snow continued until late Saturday night, and the city finally came a little more to life on Sunday. My BFF Josh (who is Olivia’s boyfriend) picked me up and informed me that my neighborhood was like a third world country compared to the rest of the city. We ran some errands and then ended up at our friend Deon’s where we drank beer, made gumbo, watched football and sat around the bonfire. I really can’t imagine a better day!

my balcony and patio table

Josh helping me unbury Lola!

the perfect ice chest

snow angel

All in all I can say that I more than survived the Snowpocalypse!

2 thoughts on “walkin’ in a winter wonderland

  1. Madison Presenza says:

    With every word I read I come closer to job searching in DC! I love reading about your everyday goings on, and I hope you never stop writing!!!! Love you


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