DC is for me!

I have been in DC just a little over a week now, and I absolutely love it. The energy here is full of excitement and there are always things to do, new people to meet. My apartment is located a block or two away from Key Bridge, leading into Georgetown. Nearby there are great shops and restaurants, including my favorite salad joint, Chop’t. Our apartment is on the top floor, which made for a really fun moving-in experience. Luckily, I have some wonderful guy friends in the area and they exchanged their services for pizza and beer – men are so easy! My room is so huge that I don’t have enough furniture with which to fill it. The balcony provides a great view of Georgetown, and, when the skies are clear and blue, unlike today, even the monuments can be seen. If anyone is looking for a place to crash for a while, our storage closet is unbelievably large, and I’m sure we could find a cot on craigstlist.org.

Last Friday was my 25th birthday – quarter of a century. My car insurance rate should now drop even lower than it already is (as long as I don’t switch everything over to Virginia,) and I can also rent cars free of that extra exorbitant charge. Some people become a little depressed as they get older, but I feel just a little wiser and more mature. Even though I am currently unemployed, I am taking the steps towards what I really want to do. It is a struggle trying to find a job and money is a constant issue about which to worry, but with the economic situation at hand, even those who have jobs are in the same boat. Every person I have met up here has been more than willing to offer what help they can, and give advice on how to move forward.

Life has been pretty much non-stop from the moment I arrived. Moving in, happy hours, girls’ nights, a weekend-long birthday celebration… Monday I even went to a film screening at the French Embassy, an event which deserves it’s very own post. Currently we do not have internet at our apartment, but once that is set up I should have more time to write. For now, everyone cross your fingers and hope that I can get a job – and if  not, then feel free to donate to my personal funds. :)

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