happy birthday to me (and joann!)

the first thing i checked was my email for hotel responses about friday night. i had “good” news that one place had space but the problem was a shared bathroom with possibly unknown people. mom decided to call mario, our current landlord, to ask if he had rome accommodations and he did! she visited him at high b&b in PDR, which pushed back our daytrip to sienna. since it was close to noon we decided to dash back to the shop where we found the bags near pitti palace the day before. joann got one from gma for her birthday, mom bought me on for mine, and gaylyn got herself one because the rest of us are good at peer pressure!
my GABS bag  :)
on our way to drop our purchases off at the apartment, we ran into a “statue” of cupid in the uffizi courtyard. i approached him for a picture and he would not stop looking at my chest, which made me extremely uncomfortable, especially with the very large crowd of onlookers. he kissed my cheek for a photo, he petted my head, and then as i tried to walk away he grabbed my hair and would not let go. needless to say it was a very uncomfortable encounter for me! we dropped the beautiful bags at home, grabbed lunch to go, and headed to the bus station.
cupid and me
we didn’t end up leaving for sienna until almost 4pm! it was raining when we got there, but we tried to make the best of it. we saw il campo, the main town square where il palio is held, and the duomo, which was one of the most beautiful churches we saw. all of us agreed that we would’ve enjoyed three nights there with just a day trip to florence.
by the time we got back to florence it was after 9pm and we were starving so we walked back to our favorite pizza place near the duomo. lucky for us, it was still open! gma wasn’t happy because they didn’t have anything she’d like to eat, but the rest of us were in heaven. my slice had huge chunks of sausage and i had a moretti beer to go with it. all i needed was some football americano!
our favorite pizza place – creative name, huh?
we were ready for bed after our eventful day in the crappy weather, and i was just relieved to have our return arrangements figured out!

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