a fairy-tale ending

we tried to cancel this portion of our trip when we found out we were leaving out of rome instead of milan. we’d be there for less than 24 hours, and it was pretty far our of the way, but we were all happy that we couldn’t cancel once we got there. the sea was beautiful and the town relaxing after a very busy florence. we weren’t able to do the cinque terre hike because of time restraints, but the trip was more than worth it even just for the scenery.
by the time we got there and settled in, it was after 2pm. we sat up on our rooftop terrace with a great view of sestri levante and baia de favole. then we walked along the shore and crossed over to baia del silenzio for an afternoon drink at citto beach bar. the atmosphere made for a perfect end to the otherwise sort of hectic trip.
 relaxing on the terrace
view from the terrace
baia de favole
drinks at citto beach bar
happy feet… and tummy
while the others rested, joann and i visited the TI which was when we realized the cinque terre hike wasn’t feasible. i was pretty bummed, but tried to keep in mind that i can always come back…
for dinner we ate at a great restaurant with a beautiful outside patio. the food was tasty and i had a nice local-ish wine.
sunset on the way to dinner
cutest menu ever
enjoying our private dining experience
we headed down the main road for gelato from a stevie rec but it was closed. this actually turned out to be lucky for me because another place next door was open and i got the best cone imaginable for 2€ – three flavors topped with whipped cream and nutella! to say the least, i slept well that night!

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