rain, rain, go away…

we made it to florence without any problems and we met a really nice girl from iran on the train. she works for the un and is taking a few weeks to travel all over europe by herself.
florence is dirty and loud… and i’m sure all this rain we’re having doesn’t help.
this afternoon we bought wine at a cute shop by our apartment. the lady working was very nice and helpful. she recommended wines for all of us.
we walked towards the arno river and found a neat structure in front of the science museum. it is a monumental sundial, which projects the time of day and period of year using markers on the ground. the shadow projected by the glass indicates the solar time of day and period of year.
the monumental sundial
markers for determining time of day and year
we passed through the uffizi courtyard and over to ponte vecchio, walking in and out of jewelry and leather shops, stopping for fresh hot sugar waffles from sidewalk vendors. then the rain came down… and we went in for the night.

around uffizi
the arno river
back at the apartment i broke the news to everyone about the flight from milan being full, but i also had good news that we could get out on the fight from rome. i had known about milan for a couple days, and it was stressing me out, but i wasn’t prepared to deal with it. once i figured out rome would work i felt so relieved! luckily we could cancel our apartment in milan, but now we had the problem of finding one in rome. i searched online a sent out some reservation requests, but it was late and i was sleepy. bedtime!
grandma, ready for bed, saying
“you better not take that picture!”

One thought on “rain, rain, go away…

  1. mads says:

    I just read all of your Italy blogs, and I could not be more excited to go there…SOMEDAY! I love reading your entries, so wherever life takes you next, NEVER STOP WRITING!
    love you


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